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Guide To Best Selling Vape Kits In 2023 – And Why

Vaporesso XROS Mini Pod Kit Winners

Guide To Best Selling Vape Kits In 2023 – And Why? Choosing the Best Vape pod Kit for quality and a decent vape can be a challenge in a vape industry with hundreds of choices. The industry is also constantly changing and evolving. Here, we look at which vapes have been the best-selling in the UK so far in 2023, and why customers love them!


Best Selling Vape Kits

The topic of this post will solely revolve around reusable vape kits, as they play a pivotal role in reducing the environmental impact of the vaping community. It’s crucial that we focus our discussion on the merits of reusables, as otherwise, disposable vape brands would continue to dominate the market. This year, the leading sellers of disposables included Elf Bar’s alluring Lost Mary flavors, Elf Bars themselves, and the popular Crystal Bars. Together, let’s champion the cause for sustainability and make a positive change in the vaping industry.

Disposable vapes have taken the world by storm, capturing the hearts and minds of vapers far and wide. The surge in their popularity over the past two years is nothing short of remarkable. And it’s not difficult to see why.

These little wonders embody convenience and simplicity. With just a flick of the wrist, you can indulge in that satisfying vape, reminiscent of the act of smoking a cigarette. It’s a seamless transition, effortlessly bringing the joy of vaping to everyone, regardless of experience.

But what sets disposable kits apart is their clever utilization of salt nicotine. For many, their first encounter with the wonders of salt nicotine was through a disposable vape. These sleek devices satisfy your nicotine cravings with ease, laying the foundation for a potential switch from smoking to vaping. The odds are in our favor!

And let’s not forget the undeniable appeal of their petite design. Slip them into your pocket or tuck them away in your bag, these compact companions are always ready to go, wherever life takes you. Their portability ensures that you never miss a moment of vaping bliss.

So, it’s no surprise that disposable vapes have soared to new heights, captivating vapers with their simplicity, satisfying nicotine levels, and effortless portability. Join the revolution and experience the true delight of vaping on-the-go!

It is worth mentioning that disposable vapes have a bigger impact on our world’s environment. There are far more environmentally friendly alternatives, and the below best selling reusable vapes will give you a great starting point to consider. Many of the Elf Bar disposable flavours are available in 10ml bottles for using with a reusable kit. Bar Juice 5000 are the exact same flavours as the best-selling Lost Mary or Elf Bar equivalents.

Third Best Seller: Aspire Gotek X and Zelos 3

Guide To Best Selling Vape Kits In 2023 – And Why

There is a tie on the third best-selling vape kit this year. One of the most popular selling kits, even though it has only just been released, is the Aspire Gotek X pod kit. This kit is steaming ahead as a best vape pod kit mostly because they closely resemble disposables in style and price (at only £11.99!). Although these kits are simple to use, they also have airflow to improve your vape experience even further than disposables allow. They have a unique transparent appearance showing the mechanics of your vape device in a very interesting way.

best vape kits

The other third best seller is the Aspire Zelos 3 kit. There are bigger 5ml bulb glass tanks which Zelos 3 vapers can buy. The 5ml bubbles are perfectly designed to avoid leakage, which is another reason these kits and 5ml glasses are a favourite. These kits are easy to use, although also have advanced features for more experienced vapers.

The Zelos 3 is the only one of the best-sellers which use a traditional mod battery, rather than a pod system. It offers a longer-lasting 3200mAh battery. The mod offers up to 80 watts of power, so this gives the option to switch to a sub-ohm / direct-to-lung (DTL) tank in the future if desired.

The Nautilus 3 tank included with the kit can use different coil options to find the perfect vape style to suit each individual. This tank is mostly designed for mouth-to-lung (MTL) or restricted-direct-to-lung (RDL) vaping. It is a great quality kit using the world’s favourite Nautilus coils for a trusted vape experience. Nautilus coils are the best and most established in the industry and it is these coils which are used in the Zelos 3 kit. You should be confident to find these coils for sale across the UK and beyond. This is another key reason why this particular kit sells so well.

Second Best Seller: Voopoo Argus Pro

best vape pod kit

The Voopoo Argus Pro kits are the runner-up best-selling vape kits. Advanced vapers love these mod-styled kits since they allow more control than other pod devices. They are very popular because they are easy to get to grips with the features. There is automation of some of the advanced features too. Depending on which coil you put into the kit, the mod identifies the best wattage for you.

Because these are pod kits, they are pocket friendly. They have a huge 3000mAh inbuilt battery for a long-lasting vape. The USB-C charging cable can charge these pods quickly. They have a range of very appealing colours to choose a style to suit each individual. It is no wonder these are such a popular seller in our vape store and online.

Winner: Vaporesso XROS Mini

best vape pod kit

The XROS Mini is by far the best-selling vape kit of 2023, as well as a best-seller in 2022. Why? XROS Mini kits are easy to use because they are draw-activated and don’t require any buttons to work. They also feature a USB-C charging cable for a speedy charge. This makes them very similar to the ease of disposable kits, yet they also have the benefit of working with the majority of e-liquids. Further, the 1.2ohm XROS Mini versions offer a wide range of classic colours which makes their appearance very sophisticated. The 0.8ohm XROS Mini versions offer some unique and attractive colours too.

The best-selling resistance of replacement XROS Mini pods is the 1.2ohm pods. These coils are used by mouth-to-lung (MTL) vapers wanting to vape nic salts or higher nicotine e-liquids. CBD e-liquids such as Orange County can also be vaped with these 1.2ohm coils.


It is interesting to see that the majority of the best-selling reusable vapes have an auto-activate option and allow MTL and RDL vaping, i.e. compatible with salt nicotine. It appears that the best-selling reusables resemble disposables for these features, although their style and functionality are greater. So as time goes on and with the cost of living crisis, it is likely that more vapers will switch away from disposables to save money.

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  1. The biggest plus point of the XROS is the battery life. With a 1000mah battery, you can give it a hammering and it will still last a day.

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