Nicotine Shots

Nicotine shots can be added to your e-liquid for increasing the nicotine strength. This satisfyingly intensifies the throat hit without changing the aroma or the vapour. We recommend using a nicotine shot if you’d like to get a stronger kick out of your e-liquid.

It’s common to mix nicotine shots with short-fill e-liquids, which have 0 mg nicotine strength. You can also use them as an ingredient when making e-liquids from scratch.

Nicotine Shots for Concocting the Perfect Vape

To have an excellent vape, every element has to be just right, and that includes your e-liquid. With nicotine shots, you can go beyond the default e-liquids sold on the market and customise them according to your preferences.

Our nicotine shots at Vapour Days are sourced from expert manufacturers, and they shape your e-liquid to its full potential by allowing you to tweak its intensity. Different flavours and nicotine strengths are available for you to concoct a vape that’s precise and perfect for you.

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Showing all 3 results