New PHE report – what it means for vapers?

New PHE report - what it means for vapers?

Back in 2015, the UK government announced a landmark report that made waves throughout vaping community. Commissioned by Public Health England, the report “E-Cigarettes: An Evidence Update” studied the impact of vaping on health and made recommendations regarding regulations and health advice. The report made several conclusions but the most stark and attention grabbing was that e-cigarettes are at least 95% less harmful than tobacco and that they can help smokers quit.

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Safe e cigarette battery charging bag

Safety electronic cigarette battery charger

The media have been highlighting the risk that electronic cigarette batteries can malfunction while charging. Whilst this is extremely unlikely to happen, any battery (not only electronic cigarette batteries) left on charge has a small chance of malfunctioning. Millions of electronic cigarettes are sold every day, and the incidence of batteries malfunctioning is very rare. You should purchase a charger manufactured specifically for electronic cigarettes from a reputable supplier – However, Vapour Days have safety bags available for you to charge your battery in. They mean that, in the very unlikely event that your battery malfunctions, you will be protected. Put your mind at rest with one of these safety bags.

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