Yocan Dry Herb Vape Kits

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Dry herb vape kits give you everything you need to start vaping herbs and loose-leaf products, including a heating chamber, cleaning tool, battery, and charger. The result is clean vapour with strong flavours and a medicinal whiff.

To heat the herbs, there are two possible methods: conduction and convection. Conduction creates more vapour because the herb directly touches the heat, while convection produces less vapour but more flavour. A useful feature is being able to adjust the temperature so you can enjoy a personalised and potent pull.
Dry Herb Vape Kits Crafted for Maximum Results
Vape kits are extremely convenient because you don’t have to choose parts individually. Our team at Vapour Days carefully inspects each kit to ensure that all of the parts function well and can create amazing vapour.

With sleek designs and handy options for customisation, our dry herb vape kits are crafted for maximum results. They’re also extremely durable, so you can count on your kit to accompany you in your vaping journey for a while. Whether you’re a novice, pro, or somewhere in between, our vape kits make it fun and comfortable for you to get the ultimate herb vape.

Yocan are a popular dry herb manufacturer, with cheap kits yet high quality to get you started on dry herb vaping.

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Showing all 3 results