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Environmental Impacts of Disposables / Disposable Pod Kits

Elf Bar Watermelon Disposables

There seems to be a huge surge in vapers buying disposable e-cigarettes to vape briefly over the short term. Comparing 2019 to 2021, there has been nearly a 400% rise in vape users. There is also a big surge in existing vapers buying disposables for many reasons discussed below. Vapour Days UK did not initially want to sell these disposables due to the environmental impact on our planet. Here, we look deeper into the harm, if any, to vaping using a disposable vape rather than a reusable one. If a disposable is not essential for your needs, we also compare some of the best selling reusable kits comparable in vaping style to make an informed decision.

What Are Disposable Kits?

Disposables are devices used for an approximated number of puffs. This is also affected by the capacity of the batteries vaped. They are not rechargeable nor have replacement parts, and therefore are not reusable. In addition, they come prefilled with flavours, with no option to refill the tanks when either the juice or battery runs out.

Why Do Vapers Like Disposables So Much?

Firstly, vaping with disposable electronic cigarettes is a convenient option. They are technically easy to vape. Smokers can literally switch to these without needing much guidance.

As well as being simple to use, they are small in size, so they are easy to carry around and do not weigh very much.

Some vapers prefer disposables for nights out. They could work out cheaper if they were lost.

Finally, disposables require less maintenance. For example, there is no need to remember a charging cable or e-liquid bottle for them.

What Environmental Impacts May Disposables Cause?

Both rechargeable and disposable kits use batteries. These batteries are manufactured using non-renewable sources. If you intend to vape disposables longterm, many more batteries will be used than a single rechargeable.

Both disposable and rechargeable batteries are recyclable. Some parts of the UK accept batteries through their recycling schemes. In other areas, you may need to find a battery disposal unit to recycle them. Unfortunately, while most packaged batteries will explain how to recycle them, the companies producing these disposable devices are not yet offering guidance on recycling their batteries. This is leading vape shops and the end consumer confused. However, there are specialist recycling centres that may be able to accept these devices.

What Environmental Benefits May Disposables Have?

At the moment, no studies are identifying the environmental impacts of disposable electronic cigarettes. However, studies confirm that a range of vapes was less harmful to the environment than tobacco cigarettes (see external research paper here). Furthermore, the emissions produced from the disposables may be equivalent to those found in this study. Therefore it is possible that disposables also are less environmentally damaging than tobacco cigarettes in terms of emissions.

Are Reusable Kits Better On The Environment?

Due to the reduced frequency of replacing batteries, rechargeable vape kits are likely better for the environment. It is worth noting that any general dumping of batteries into general waste has long-lasting damaging effects on the environment. This article mentions that the disposal of batteries is far more important than their production (see article here). This is good to know as vapers are fully in control of reducing the environmental impact by considering their appropriate disposal.

Which Reusable Vapes Are Comparable?

The new Uwell Caliburn G kits are comparable in terms of size and vapour production. Caliburn G kits also have increased flavour options and will save vapers a lot of money in the long run.

The Innokin Sceptre pod kits are great little pods with a wide range of juice flavours available like the Caliburn G. The Sceptres can be mouth to lung (MTL) or restricted direct to lung (RDL), giving the vaper more choice over their vaping style. Also, like the Caliburn G, the parts for these kits are more easily recyclable and reusable.

If the higher nicotine strengths of disposable kits attract you, then there are also amazing flavoured nicotine salts available to buy for rechargeable vape kits. These also contain up to 20mg nicotine strengths and are a smooth vape due to them being salt nicotines.


Once you’ve decided disposables are the right choice for your new vape kit, the following are the current best selling brands.

Elf Bars

Elf Bars Disposables include a delicious range of fruity and drink flavours, such as Coconut Melon and Cola.

Geek Bars

Geek Bars are the best selling disposables at Vapour Days UK overall due to their incredible tasting flavours. In addition, they include a popular choice of icy cool fruits.


Flerbars are the cheapest disposable vape kits on the market. For their price, they are a popular choice in our Bristol shop and our online customers across the UK.

If you are still deciding whether disposable kits or rechargeable ones are the best choices for you, you are welcome to join us in our Bristol vape shop. Our team will be happy to help answer any questions you may have and guide you on options available, both disposable or otherwise.

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