Will The Obsession With Disposables Come To An End?

Disposable Vape Kits Coming To An End

Disposable vapes have smashed the vape scene since their launch last year. We discussed the environmental impact of these before releasing them in our shop, in the hope it educated many of the vapers considering switching from reusable vapes to disposables. So far, the sale of disposables continues to be high in our Bristol vape shop. In this post, we will look at the reasons why you may be choosing to vape with disposable e-cigarettes, and why reusable kits may be a better choice for you.

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Norseman and Sons Milkshake 100ml Juice Range Review

Norseman & Sonds e liquids 100ml review

These new milkshake flavours are now available at Vapour Days UK in our Bristol store and online. They are simply fantastic! This whole range of the Norseman milkshake range uses very realistic concentrates of the very highest quality. Each bottle is 120ml with 100ml of liquid leaving that all-important room for the nicotine shots.

The Norseman & Sons juices are included in the 2 x 100ml Short Fills for £25 including nic shots deal.

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JINX E-Liquids Review – The Prize Giving Brand of Juices

Jinx Logo 100ml Short Fill E Liquids

JINX is a new kid on the block, and this e-liquid has a great new USP (unique selling point) where you can scratch the panel on the side of the liquid and win a prize! You can win Gold, Silver, and Bronze prizes, a PlayStation 5 or cash e-liquid, to name a few. These are great prizes, and to be honest, they would not have even needed the prizes to sell this great tasting range. Other brands they have bought out are Wild Roots, Six Licks e-liquid, and they have all had great success. Wild Roots is one of my favourite liquids for every bottle sold Wild Roots plants a tree! and let’s face it in this day and age the more trees we plant the better. Here is a little info on this amazing tree planting project. CLICK HERE

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Just Juice E Liquids – Review by Vapour Days UK

Just Juice 50ml E Liquids Short Fills Logo

This e-liquid was born out of passion by a group of vapers fed up with the same old same old. Thus, the Just Juice brand was born. These e liquids are delectable, and yes, they may burn your coils out a bit faster, but boy, it’s worth it. We have the range available at Vapour Days UK, and we have really enjoyed vaping these.

Don’t be fooled by the name of the brand. This is not just juice; this is so much more than just juice. The flavours are absolutely delectable, and they have spent a long time creating these flavours. The concentrates used for these are one of the best we’ve tried, having been in the industry for around 14 years now. The flavours in this brand are absolutely outstanding, and the quality of the juices is unbeatable. Just Juice describes themselves as superior e liquids, and we definitely agree.

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Environmental Impacts of Disposables / Disposable Pod Kits

Elf Bar Watermelon Disposables

There seems to be a huge surge in vapers buying disposable e-cigarettes to vape briefly over the short term. Comparing 2019 to 2021, there has been nearly a 400% rise in vape users. There is also a big surge in existing vapers buying disposables for many reasons discussed below. Vapour Days UK did not initially want to sell these disposables due to the environmental impact on our planet. Here, we look deeper into the harm, if any, to vaping using a disposable vape rather than a reusable one. If a disposable is not essential for your needs, we also compare some of the best selling reusable kits comparable in vaping style to make an informed decision.

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Mastercard Available for Online Purchases Again

Mastercard Working at Vapour Days UK

Hello to all our customers,

Following our last post about Paypal no longer working with the vape industry, we are pleased to inform you that our payment terminal has been updated to accept Mastercards online. This means you can continue shopping in the same way as in our Galleries store. All major cards are now accepted through the online payment gateway, and your payments are fully secured.

This gateway has also been updated to permit CBD payments and therefore you can continue to click and collect or received deliveries of all CBD products again.

Thank you for your understanding, patience and loyalty whilst Mastercard was temporarily unavailable.

Take care and we look forward to seeing you on the other side.

From the Vapour Days team

Reopening of Vape Shops in Bristol Amidst Tier 3 COVID-19 Restrictions

COVID 19 Vapour Days

Bristol will be allowed to reopen its vape shops inspite of being issued with a Tier 3 (a very high alert). This is positive for those needing vape products urgently and last minute, for example if you lose your kit or e liquids, or burn out a coil unexpectedly. However, it is still worth being mindful that we are in a very high alert environment with COVID rates being one of the highest in the UK as we write this post.

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