Vaporesso GEN Vape Mod Review

Gold Vaporesso GEN Mod

Whilst everyone loves a high spec mod with a huge wattage, you only realise how much you usually carry around with you when all your vaping equipment is packed into your bag. The GEN mod takes the weight off your shoulders with its ultra lightweight design, yet still offering a huge range of specifications to meet all of your vaping needs and no compromise on quality. This has been one of the best mods we have tried to date! The look, feel and functionality of this device is outstanding, easily making it our opinion that it is set to be one of the best mods of 2019. It’s packed full of features for the techy vaper and is also very simple to use if you prefer to keep things simple.

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Uwell Caliburn Pod Vape Starter Kit Review

Blue Caliburn Uwell Vape kit

Even though pod vaping only kicked off in 2015, it has become wildly popular since then, to the point that it spawned a whole new category of vaping devices. A huge number of vaping companies have jumped in, creating their own version of pod vapes. Getting ahead of the competition is tricky, though, because pod systems have such a basic, minimalist design that it takes creativity to make a standout product.

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Ruthless Ez Duz It on Ice E-Liquid Review

Ez Duz It e-liquid

Ez Duz It on Ice by Ruthless Vapour is one of the most sought-after fruity e-liquids in the vaping world. It’s intensely flavourful, blending sweet strawberry with refreshing watermelon and added menthol. You’ll feel like you’re on a tropical island, relaxing with a fresh fruit smoothie on hand. Each inhale brings the taste of strawberries, and when you exhale, you’ll be swept away by the coolness of watermelon. This is a delectable fruit combination that rewards with really vibrant pops of flavour.

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What is Mouth to Lung Vaping?

lady vaping

Every vaper has their own preferences when it comes to their vape. With so many choices available, from the thousands of device models, setups and e-liquid flavours, you have unlimited freedom to customise your vaping experience.

Even how you inhale can vary. There are two main breathing styles when it comes to vaping: mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung. Each has its pros and cons, producing a drastically different vaping experience, and it’s important to know these because not all devices and e-liquids will be compatible with either style. While you can definitely use both for different purposes, most vapers end up heavily preferring one over the other. Continue reading What is Mouth to Lung Vaping?