Should I Give Up Vaping in light of the Coronavirus?

Vaping in the Coronavirus

Switching from Smoking to Vaping – Is This Still a Good Choice?

The Centre for Perioperative Care (CPOC) has made a clear statement that smokers should quit smoking to increase their health during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. There have also been some suggestions in the media that it is unclear whether vapers should also look to quit during this time. Ultimately, if you want to quit smoking by using electronic cigarettes then the Public Health England has repeatedly claimed that vaping is around 95% healthier for us than smoking. Therefore now is an excellent time to switch to vaping to increase your health outcomes.

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Vaping and the Coronavirus COVID 19 – Stay Safe

COVID 19 Vapour Days

What are the Effects on Vaping with the Coronavirus – COVID 19?

All vape shops have required to remain closed to help save lives and stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Vapour Days is no exception, and strongly support this drastic action taken by the UK Government (and many other global countries) as we also know many of our loyal customers, as well as our own family and friends, are classed as high risk.

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Vaporesso GEN Vape Mod Review

Gold Vaporesso GEN Mod

Whilst everyone loves a high spec mod with a huge wattage, you only realise how much you usually carry around with you when all your vaping equipment is packed into your bag. The GEN mod takes the weight off your shoulders with its ultra lightweight design, yet still offering a huge range of specifications to meet all of your vaping needs and no compromise on quality. This has been one of the best mods we have tried to date! The look, feel and functionality of this device is outstanding, easily making it our opinion that it is set to be one of the best mods of 2019. It’s packed full of features for the techy vaper and is also very simple to use if you prefer to keep things simple.

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