Custard-Flavoured E-Liquids

Custard is a traditional comfort food and cosy dessert favourite, and custard-flavoured e-liquids inspire the same love from the vaping community. One of the most popular flavour profiles, these e-liquids are rich and creamy with a streak of vanilla.

Because custard is incredibly versatile, there are limitless options. Some e-liquids stick to the simple taste of custard as is, while others combine it with fruits, spices, and other desserts. Either way, soft and silky clouds keep vapers coming back for more.

Custard-Flavoured E-Liquids to Hook Your Tastebuds

New e-liquid flavours are constantly being produced. As fast-moving as the vaping world can be, we passionately keep up with it at Vapour Days and work hard to examine and sample tons of e-liquids. The result is a selection of the best e-liquids that will hook your taste buds right away on the first vape.

Our custard e-liquids feature flavours that beautifully reflect sweet treats such as basic vanilla custard, strawberry-flavoured custard, and even custard cream biscuits. As with the original dessert, each of these will leave you feeling comfortable and soothed with every vape.

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Showing all 10 results