Nicotine Strength

E liquids come in different nicotine strengths to suit your vaping needs. The more you used to smoke, typically the higher the nicotine strength you will need to satisfy you. Vapour Days UK offer e liquids from zero nicotine strengths up to 18mg / 20mg strengths. Different kits also have an effect on the level of nicotine you can comfortably vape. Vapers using sub ohm kits tend to only use 6mg or less, whereas mouth to lung kits, designed to replicate the feeling of smoking, can take up to 18mg. Salt nicotines are also available in 10mg or 20mg strengths but are smoother to vape in sub ohm kits.

If you’re unsure which strength of e liquid to choose, we recommend you start with a lower strength to see how you find it. If you’re still craving traditional cigarettes, you can try the next strength up. Some people switch between two strengths, using the higher strength in stressful situations or on a night out. If you find one strength to low or strong for your needs, you can mix some of one strength with some of another. Some vapers even create new personalised flavours this way, such as mixing a menthol with their favourite fruity flavour.

Remember that different kit types affect the throat hit. If you are used to using a strength in a basic starter kit, this strength will be far too strong in a sub ohm vape kit. Therefore you will need to alter the nicotine strength depending on the type of vape kit you are using.