Sub-Ohm Tanks

Sub ohm vaping is designed for big cloud production and enhanced flavours. It is recommended to only use very low nicotine strengths (3mg or 6mg) due to the nature of the product.

To produce the massive clouds and memorable flavours of sub-ohm vaping, you need an equipment upgrade. Enter sub-ohm tanks, which are atomisers conveniently designed for sub-ohm vaping. These atomisers use cotton wicks and disposable coils with wattages of 0.5 ohms or lower.

Because of the reduced wattage, more current can flow through the coils, leading to hotter, larger vapour. For all the power build-up a sub-ohm tank provides, enjoying its stronger vape is easy and convenient. Just insert a coil, fill up with e-liquid, and start chasing clouds.

The World’s Most Sought After Sub-Ohm Tanks

At Vapour Days, part of our mission is to connect customers with the best vaping products out there. In choosing our sub-ohm atomisers, we hand select models with the best builds that consistently produce great flavour. We also only pick models that are strictly compliant with UK regulations.

Our store’s sub-ohm atomisers are crafted by top manufacturers to provide a strong foundation for your sub-ohm vaping setup. We understand that quality vaping needs quality equipment, and that’s what we’re proud to offer in our store.

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Showing 1–12 of 25 results