Aspire Nautilus Mini – Best Clearomiser Tank for MTL Vaping

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  • Best For: Stopping Smoking
  • Vaping Style: MTL & RDL
  • Refilling: Bottom Filling
  • Airflow: Bottom Adjustable
  • Unique Features: Longest Standing for Quality & Flavour
  • Colours: Stainless Steel & Glass


The Aspire Nautilus Mini Tank is one of the best atomizer tanks currently available for sale in the UK, dramatically improving the quality and flavour of your e-liquid. The Nautilus Mini was the revolutionary tank that changed vaping from the original devices with silica wicks, to coils with bottom vertical coil technology. These are still one of the best coils on the market today, hence why the Mini Nautilus has stood the test of time and is still a best selling tank in the UK. The component parts of this tank are detailed in the image below. There are spare parts, such as replacement glass and drip tips, if they get damaged or lost.


Aspire Nautilus Mini Detailed View


Aspire Mini Nautilus Tank

  • Stainless Steel
  • Adjustable Airflow Control
  • Pyrex glass tube
  • Juice Capacity: 2ml
  • BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) Technology
  • Elegant Modem Body Shape
  • Compliant with the UK’s TPD Regulations
  • Size: 72.8 x 19.5 mm


The adjustable airflow options are referred to in the image below in more detail. Notice how the smaller the hole looks, the more of a drag you will make and the bigger the hole the more air will come with ease.

Aspire Mini Nautilus Airflow


Setting Up the Mini Nautilus for the First Time

The first times of using this tank can seem a little daunting, but the series of images below will help you on your way. If you’d like further assistance and a live demonstration, we are available to help in store in the Bristol Broadmead Galleries Shopping Centre (Middle Floor).

The following images show how to set up your Nautilus tank for the first time. Screw the top section onto the glass in an anticlockwise motion. You will need to fill your tank with e liquid, which is a step before putting the base into the tank (see the next paragraph if you want to do this now), but if you just wanted to check how to set it up first then continue reading this paragraph. Screw the coil into the base in an anticlockwise direction. Screw the coil into the rest of the tank in a clockwise direction, not forcing it too tightly. It can be slightly loose and will not leak. Slot the drip tip into the tip.

How to Put Nautilus Mini Together

E Liquid & Coil Options

Choosing the Aspire brand of electronic cigarette kits is an easy choice, being one of the longest and most respected manufacturers in the vape industry. There is a wide range if coils to choose from, each with a different vaping experience. The Nautilus and Mini Nautilus tanks set a huge precedence in the vaping world, with the Nautilus coils still being one of the most widely respect vape coils in the industry.

This Nautilus Mini allows two vaping styles simply by changing the tank’s coils. The first vaping style is known as mouth to lung (MTL) vaping, and is the most popular Aspire coil used in the vape community. These are the Aspire Nautilus BVC 1.8ohm or 1.6ohm coils. Both of these coils allow higher nicotine strength or salt nicotines to be vaped, giving the feel in your throat of having a smoke. The 1.6ohm allows a slightly higher wattage and therefore more vapour production, although your battery and juice won’t last as long compared with the 1.8ohm coils. These MTL coils are recommended for use with lower VG e liquids, such as the Vapour Days UK 10ml bottles or the Cherub brands of flavours.

The above MTL coils are best for smokers wanting to switch to vaping due to the ability to vape higher nicotine strengths. You can also try restricted direct to lung (RDL) vaping for boosted flavours and vapor production. The main type of RDL Aspire coils compatible with these kits is the Nautilus 2S 0.7ohm Mesh wicks and Nautilus 2S 0.4ohm coils. These coils are still ideal for lower VG e liquids including the Vapour Days UK 10ml bottles or the Cherub brands of flavours. RDL coils produce more clouds and therefore are recommended for use with lower nicotine strengths. You can also use some higher VG e liquids, up to 70% VG, which opens you up to using the majority of the bigger short fills available at Vapour Days UK too. These have no nicotine although there is the option to add a nicotine shot to create a low 3mg bottle of juice.

Changing the Coils and Refilling with E Liquid

The most important first step is to turn the top section of the tank anticlockwise to secure to closed. The prevents the glass from breaking when you unscrew the base. Now unscrew the base of the tank clockwise. If it seems to jam then the top part needs to be checked for tightness again. Fill your e liquid in-between the coil and the glass section of the tank (the centre of the tank is the airflow so if you accidentally fill down there the juice will just pour out of the drip tip). The image below shows the option to then screw the coil into the tank and then the base. However, you are also able to screw the coil straight into the base part and then screw both of them into the glass section at the same time.

Nautilus Mini Tank Refilling

Tank Contents

  • 1 x Aspire Nautilus Mini Tank
  • 1 x Aspire Nautilus Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC) 1.8ohms (Preinstalled)
  • 1 x Spare Aspire Nautilus BVC coil at 1.8ohm
  • 1 x Adaptor Ring
  • 1 x User Instructions
  • 1 x Gift Box
  • 1 x Product Authenticity Code and Certificate

UK Delivery

When you buy an Aspire Nautilus Mini Tank from Vapour Days UK your item will be dispatched to you from the UK on the same or next working day. Delivery is available to addresses in the UK. You can also buy the Nautilus Mini, and get help setting it up, by visiting our shop on the Middle Floor of The Galleries Shopping Centre in Bristol.

More Information

Have a read of the Vapour Days Review of the Aspire Nautilus and Nautilus Mini on the following link. It answers questions such as ‘which coils fit in the Aspire Nautilus?’ and ‘Which Battery fits the Nautilus?’

2 reviews for Aspire Nautilus Mini – Best Clearomiser Tank for MTL Vaping

  1. Simon


    I bought this with the cool fire iv and it’s been brill. No more smoking for me (touch wood!). Great quality kit which has helped me quit cigarettes


  2. Ali

    This is a bargain for what it is. I’ve not had a cig since using this tank as it just makes the liquids taste great. Thanks for these.Ali

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