70% VG : 30% PG E-Liquids

… for Massive Vapour and a Smooth Vape

For thick, pillowy vapour and a throat hit that’s smooth and gentle, then e-liquids with a 70/30 vg/pg ratio are ideal. Since good flavour is also maintained, the elements balance each other out, making for an e-liquid that cloud-chasers will vape to again and again. If you’re interested in blowing massive clouds, then this is the ratio for you.

70/30 vg/pg e-liquids show maximum performance with sub-ohm tanks as well as RDAs and drippers. Because the vg concentration here is much thicker, they’re well-formulated to handle the high temperature in sub-ohm tanks.

Vaping Paradise with 70/30 E-Liquids

We offer a diverse range of e-liquids at our store that caters to every customer’s unique taste. Sub-ohm enthusiasts and vapers who love beastly clouds, we’ve got you.

Our 70/30 vg/pg e-liquids deliver impressive vapour clouds and vivid flavours that’ll send you to vaping paradise. An excellent vape session needs quality equipment and the best-tasting e-liquids, and we’re proud to offer those to our customers.

Showing 1–12 of 129 results

Showing 1–12 of 129 results