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Vaping Jargon Alert – How Many Words Can you Call a Vape Product?!

What does RDL mean vaping definition

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to have an exciting academic or career journey, you will likely reflect back to a time when you first started. You had no idea what on earth everyone was talking about?! They were throwing jargon words around like it was an adventure. You were sat lost and smiling, trying to pretend you totally understood what it all meant. You started your vaping journey and BOOM. There you are again – word after word of jargon being used for e liquids, coils, kit types, vaping features… Let’s help you work out what it all means and relax back into the world of vape.

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

The first step in vaping involves buying a new kit, or if you’re lucky enough getting a gift or secondhand one from a friend. You are presented with your first confusing decision. Do I want MTL or Sub Ohm or DTL or RDL? And anyway, what does each of those mean? This is the most important teminology to understand. If you get your device wrong at the start, you may give up on your vaping journey before it even begins. So below is a definition of what each of these terms means and how you know which type of kit you need.

Mouth To Lung (MTL)

MTL vaping means replicating the feeling in your mouth to your throat of having a traditional tobacco cigarette. It does not include the same toxins as tobacco, but the habitual process is similar with these kits. In fact, the majority of e liquids used in MTL kits are the most regulated of all, having to pass tests and be manufactured without certain toxic chemicals as required by the UK’s Tobacco Product’s Directive (‘TPD’). Buying these 10ml TPD e liquids from a reputable source gives you peace of mind that you are vaping quality e liquids. MTL kits are best suited to those smokers who really want to try and quit smoking for good. They allow you to have a higher nicotine strength if required, and they focus on delivering the nicotine in a similar fashion to smoking. For a catalogue of the MTL kits available at Vapour Days UK, please follow this link here.

Points to be aware of with MTL starter kits when you’re new to vaping. Some MTL kits have two types of coils included in them for you to try, and sometimes the second coil is a DTL sub ohm coil. These sub ohm coils will not be suited to the same e liquids as the MTL coil. If you are choosing to quit smoking and want an MTL vape, your coil ohms will be 1ohm or above, typically being 1.6ohm or 1.8ohm. The ohms of your coils will be written on the side of the coil. For more information about how to work out which coil you’re using, this link includes a helpful video showing you how.

Direct To Lung (DTL)

DTL is also known as sub ohm vaping. The aim of these kits are to produce bigger clouds as the device allows more airflow and improves the flavours of the e juice. These kits often have higher wattage mods with LCD screens to allow various settings to be adjusted. DTL vapers usually need lower nicotine strength, due to the way the vape is inhaled in one big deep breath. This is why these kits are best suited to longer term vapers or those who only need very low levels of nicotine. Moderate to heavy smokers may find it will not satisfy their nicotine cravings. For a catalogue of DTL sub ohm devices, please follow this link here.

Restricted Direct to Lung (RDL)

This is a relatively newer term to the vaping industry, with an increased demand for these type of kits. More vapers are wanting to have smaller devices which have the ability to use all types of liquids and different styles of vaping. The RDL coils allow a boosted flavour and vapour production, but from less powerful coils. Hence less battery life and less e liquid is burned through to achieve a comparably tastier and fuller vape. An example RDL kit is the new Vaporesso XROS Mini pod kit, which oozes quality. For a full range of the RDL kits on offer, follow this link.

E-Liquids Jargon

Besides the terms used in electronic cigarette devices, e liquids also have a lot of terminology to get your head around. Once you have your new e cigarette kit to hand, you need to work out whether it is a MTL, DTL or RDL using the above guide. This will impact on the type of e liquid compatible with your kit. If you buy the wrong e liquid, it could damage the coil, cause leaking issues, not taste very nice among other common vaping complaints. The following headings refer to which type of e liquids are best suited to that style of coil.


The best e liquids for MTL vapes is Cherub or Vapour Days e liquids. All of these bottles are TPD compliant and made in the best quality manufacturing facilities in the UK. They also have a multibuy deal at any 3 for £9.97. You can also use salt nicotines, such as Mr Salt at only 4 for £12, if you want a more intense nicotine hit than traditional e liquids offer.


Most of the big short fill e liquid bottles available at Vapour Days UK are compatible with DTL vaping. The recommended DTL VG % is above 70%. The more VG there is, the thicker the e liquid will be. DTL sub ohm coils typically have wider holes within them and so they need a thicker juice to prevent the e liquid from leaking out.


RDL coils are typically a 0.6ohm – 1ohm range. These will be compatible with any e liquids, including the smaller 10ml bottles such as Cherub, Vapour Days or Mr Salt. Coils may vary by manufacturer but most should support VG e liquids up to 70%. This gives a bigger range of juices available to vape. It also incorporates a DTL experience if they desire when using a 70% VG juice.

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