A Passion For Vaping: An Interview With the Owner of Vapour Days

The truth of why some vapers succeed and others don’t is down to experience. Both the first and last experiences dictate how likely a smoker is to stick with the transition to vaping. A smoker entering a vape shop needs to have a great first experience and they need to be asked the right questions and given the best answers to suit their needs.

Investing in the best vaping kit for their needs will significantly increase their likelihood of success. Occasionally customers choose a ‘cheap kit to give it a go’. Inevitably they spend more money on a better kit later, or decide that ‘vaping isn’t for me’. Going for the best kit for their needs first time round gives a great chance of stopping smoking for good. Below is an interview with the owner of Vapour Days. He switched to vaping over 8 years ago and has sold vape products to customers through the Bristol shop since 2014.

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Mr Coily E Liquid Review

Mr Coily E Liquid Juice

UK-based Mr. Coily is a top-quality brand that produces e-liquids with low nicotine strength and a 70/30 VG/PG concentration, making these ideal for sub-ohm vaping. By blending together premium ingredients with sharply honed expertise, it has won over the tastebuds of countless vapers with fruity flavours like grape and raspberry. To top it off, these e-liquids can keep your coils going for a long time.

Vapour Days UK review Mr Coily e liquids which includes Purple Slurpy, Berry Fusion, Electric Orange, RBC3 and Pink Fizz e liquid.

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