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Best Selling Freebase E-Liquid

Best Selling Freebase 10ml E Liquids Vapour Days UK

Best Selling Freebase E-Liquid! Choosing an enticing e-juice is a challenge in this vape industry with hundreds of choices. The industry is also constantly changing and evolving. Here, we look at which mouth-to-lung (MTL) e-liquids have been the best-selling at Vapour Days UK so far in 2023, and why customers love them!

What Are Freebase E-Liquids?

Designed for reusable kits, freebase juices have been in the vape market for many years. They replicate the feel of a cigarette and work in mouth-to-lung (MTL) or restricted-direct-to-lung (RDL) vape kits best.

Freebase liquids differ from salt nicotine and short fills. They tend to have lower VG percentages and are a thinner juice. This absorbs slowly by the body. They usually have higher nicotine options available.

This year and last year have seen a reduction in how popular freebase juices are overall. Salt nicotine and disposable vapes have dominated the vape scene. However, many long-established vapers find they prefer freebase juices. This is because they absorb slowly and cause fewer nicotine spikes than their competing salt nicotine e-liquids can.

Runner Up: Vampire Vape Best Selling Freebase E-Liquid

Best Selling Freebase E-Liquid

Vampire Vapes is a long-established manufacturer of e-liquids. These flavours are first class vapes. Heisenberg and the Black Jack sweets 🍬 are their two best-selling flavours. Heisenberg is the most loved flavour by vapers around the world. In contrast to Heisenberg, Black Jack is a bit like marmite, either loved or hated by anyone who ever vaped it. Both of these flavours are so popular that many other e-liquid brands have attempted to recreate them.

Second Best Seller: Vapour Days 10ml E-Juices Best Selling Freebase E-Liquid

Best Selling Freebase E-Liquid

Our own Vapour Days UK line of flavours has always been popular among vapers. Vapour Days UK liquids are manufactured in an ISO-certified UK laboratory. They offer a clean and quality vape experience! We have put together a list of the best-selling Vapour Days freebase flavours so far in 2023 are:

Vapour Days UK liquids

  1. RY4 Caramel Tobacco 🚬 it is no surprise that this flavour tops the 10ml tobacco charts. It offers the traditional tobacco flavour to feel like you’re having a real smoke. Sweetened caramel hint added to make the juice feel warm and moreish.
  2. Virginia Tobacco 🚬 close behind the RY4 flavour is the traditional Virginia cigarette flavour. RY4 has always been a popular flavour because it helps resemble traditional cigarettes in flavour, making the switch to vapes easier.
  3. Strawberry Ice 🍓 who doesn’t love refreshing sweet strawberries. Cooling ice has been blended into the strawberry flavouring for an extra fresh vape. This prevents your tastebuds from getting vapers tongue making it an all-day-vape. Vape it over and over again.
  4. Passion Fruit – this is a unique and fruity flavour, with a tangy yet sweet aroma.
  5. Coconut 🥥 right from the tropics, these coconuts also offer a unique and delicious flavour. This juice has a smooth buttery and milky feel, making it a great choice for fruit lovers wanting a different vape experience.
  6. Strawberry 🍓 classic strawberry juices are always popular due to their sweetness and fruitiness. This flavour is loved with or without the ice effect.
  7. Forest Fruits – These fruity cocktails are easy to vape because of the refreshing and mixed flavours oozing throughout.
  8. Ice Mint – mints and menthols are key flavour profiles for vapers wanting a longterm flavour that doesn’t cause vapers’ tongue.
  9. First Kiss Vanilla Custard – just like that first kiss with a true love, this vanilla custard will leave a longing and desired feeling in your tastebuds. The sweetness and smoothness of it makes it a popular dessert flavoured all-day-vape.
  10. Grape 🍇 pure and simple as a flavour just these grapes are unbeatable.

Winner: Cherub 10ml E-Liquids Best Selling Freebase E-Liquid

Best Selling Freebase E-Liquid

The Cherub brand was established nearly a decade ago, in 2014. They are manufactured by award-winning e-juice manufacturers. Therefore, it is no surprise that Cherub juices are a favourite for MTL and RDL vapers. Within the Cherub brand, the top-selling flavours are:

Cherub brand

  1. Super Ice Menthol – this is the purest iced menthol vape juice. The flavour is so clean! you be the judge the quality is superior. This is an all-time favourite juice by many of our most loyal vapers.
  2. Apple Lime – Cherub’s apple 🍎 flavours are unbeatable. This one has a sour twang to liven up the sweetness of the apples. It is a flavour you will be sure to buy again and again.
  3. Red Apple – over the years, red apple 🍎 has featured as a best-selling flavour because it is so pure and delicious. If you haven’t yet tried it, you really must, as evidenced by its rank as third best-selling flavoured juice.
  4. Cherry Menthol 🍒 this fruity menthol concoction is a tasty blend and easy to vape because it tastes pure and fresh.
  5. Fizzy Cola – Who doesn’t love cracking open a can of fizzy coke on a hot summer’s day? By spritzing open this bottle of e-juice and vape yourself to those summer vibes.
  6. Blueberry Menthol – Cherub has mastered the menthol flavour to perfection, as the number 1 selling juice here at Vapour Days UK. Blended with succulent blueberries adds a fruity exhale to your vape experience.
  7. Strawberry Peanut Butter 🍓 🥜 This flavour is so incredible, trust us. You will wish that Sunpat and the other peanut butter brands would add a sweet serving of strawberry flavouring to their sandwich fillers too.
  8. Red Apple Strawberry. 🍎 🍓 Shown by the apple lime and red apple rankings, Cherub’s red apple is so scrumptious. Mixed with the sweetest and tastiest strawberries, you may find this flavour gives you cravings…
  9. Vanilla Cappuccino ☕️ Any coffee fans will know that the first thing you need in the morning is a vape and a coffee. Why not combine both and hook yourself on this incredible vanilla cappuccino to start your mornings the right way. Other vapers have discovered this secret recipe and we’re sure you will soon be giving it a try too.
  10. Silver Silk 🚬 this is the only tobacco flavour to feature in the best-selling Cherub brand’s list of flavours. For one reason only, it very accurately resembles silk-cut cigarettes. This flavour is popular with regulars preferring tobacco.


All of the above best-selling flavours allow MTL and RDL vaping. They are designed to work with kits which replicate the feel of a cigarette. It is interesting to see a huge range in the types of flavours featured on our best-sellers listings. These lists show how unique each vaper really is. There is a flavour to suit everyone! sweets, fruits, menthols or tobacco. If you need advice on quitting smoking you can contact us or find your nearest stop smoking clinic.

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