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JINX E-Liquids Review – The Prize Giving Brand of Juices

Jinx Logo 100ml Short Fill E Liquids

JINX is a new kid on the block, and this e-liquid has a great new USP (unique selling point) where you can scratch the panel on the side of the liquid and win a prize! You can win Gold, Silver, and Bronze prizes, a PlayStation 5 or cash e-liquid, to name a few. These are great prizes, and to be honest, they would not have even needed the prizes to sell this great tasting range. Other brands they have bought out are Wild Roots, Six Licks e-liquid, and they have all had great success. Wild Roots is one of my favourite liquids for every bottle sold Wild Roots plants a tree! and let’s face it in this day and age the more trees we plant the better. Here is a little info on this amazing tree planting project. CLICK HERE

The Jinx flavours are as follows

Blackberry Pear

This is an even combination of both flavours, in our opinion, with only the best concentrates used to create this refreshing flavour. The fruit leaves your taste buds tingling for more.

Raspberry & Rhubarb

This is a sharp but great combination with the Raspberry hitting first and then the taste of the Rhubarb on the exhale. This is a delicious flavour taking your mind into a delicious sweet shop where you can delve into these scrummy sweets. We love this one!

Pineapple & Grapefruit

The Pineapple hits with a fresh true flavour, and you get a slight Grapefruit after taste. The concentrates used for these are exceptional. This exotic concoction is perfect!

Banana & Apricot

The Apricot hits first then the perfect ripe Banana. This is a perfect balance of flavour. These guys have nailed the bananas and apricots to perfection.

Blueberry & Cherry

This tastes exactly like Blueberry and Cherry. The taste is a little floral but if you like that sort of flavour, the concentrates are bang on.

4 thoughts on “JINX E-Liquids Review – The Prize Giving Brand of Juices

  1. Love the Jinx especially as I won this week, blueberry and cherry all the way guys!

  2. Thanks for introducing this marvelous brand! I actually enjoyed vaping each of the Jinxed flavours so far, though didn’t yet win so am back for more 😉

  3. Highly recommend this brand having vaped all of them since you only just got them. Oops. Back for more already.

  4. Yes brought blueberry + cherry for the first time yesterday and it’s far superior to other equivalent flavors out there

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