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A Passion For Vaping: An Interview With the Owner of Vapour Days

The truth of why some vapers succeed and others don’t is down to experience. Both the first and last experiences dictate how likely a smoker is to stick with the transition to vaping. A smoker entering a vape shop needs to have a great first experience and they need to be asked the right questions and given the best answers to suit their needs.

Investing in the best vaping kit for their needs will significantly increase their likelihood of success. Occasionally customers choose a ‘cheap kit to give it a go’. Inevitably they spend more money on a better kit later, or decide that ‘vaping isn’t for me’. Going for the best kit for their needs first time round gives a great chance of stopping smoking for good. Below is an interview with the owner of Vapour Days. He switched to vaping over 8 years ago and has sold vape products to customers through the Bristol shop since 2014.

What Has Changed Since You Started Vaping?

Admittedly, I started on a cheap and not-so-good starter e cig. In the early days when vaping hit the market there were not many good quality kits like there are today. I started vaping in 2012 and we are nearly a decade on from then, with huge advancements each year. Even the quality of e liquids have improved hugely. Both the vape hardware and e liquids have advanced in quality since the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) came into effect in May 2016, now over 4 years ago.

The competition in the vape industry has soared. Short fills were created for the benefit of sub ohm vapers. TPD bottles typically aimed at those wanting to replicate a cigarette, known as mouth to lung (MTL) vaping. Since then there is also a new type of kit, known as restricted direct to lung (RDL). This is for those who want the benefit of different types of e juices in smaller devices than sub ohm kits. See our previous post with more information about RDL devices.

So Many Kits! Which Type Do You Use?

When I first started vaping in 2012, I smoked 50 cigarettes a day. I used a basic starter kit with an Ego battery. These batteries needed charging frequently and the atomizers did not allow much vapour to be produced. Overall it was not a very satisfying kit. To combat this, I used to be on a 24mg of nicotine juice to give me the throat hit needed. I occasionally still smoked cigarettes, and persevered with vaping to try and impress my girlfriend (now my wife!).

Fortunately, I discovered the Aspire Nautilus Mini tank and an eleaf iStick mod style battery shortly after starting vaping. It changed my experience completely. The Nautilus coils are still one of the best in the industry. These are top quality vertical coils which set the standards high in the vaping scene. I still use the Nautilus coils now but in the smaller sized Aspire K3 tank, with an eleaf iPower mod. I use this kit as I know the battery won’t need charging very often. It’s useful to take if I’m going away for a couple of days.

In addition to the Nautilus and iPower, I like to try out most of the new devices we get in the shop. They’re too exciting to resist! I particularly like the RDL Sceptre pod kit which surpassed all of my expecations on a pod vape system, also really enjoy the flavour production and the MTL options in this. I also find the battery lasts a suprprisingly long time between charges. It’s also a small device which fits nicely in my pocket. I use this around my family as it’s small. I can hide it and still catch a quick vape when I need it.

Do You Miss Smoking?

Honestly, no. I did miss smoking when I first stopped and I didn’t have the right kit for my needs. When I did first quit smoking, I still had a niggling temptation there. My wife went away for a couple of weeks and I had half a cigarette with my friend. It was simply disgusting. I never had a desire to try a tobacco cigarette again.

What Type of E Liquids Do You Use Now and Why?

I have had the choice of all of the e liquids on offer at Vapour Days UK. I switch between preferring the Cherub e liquids and the Vapour Days juices. Personally I can recommend the Super Ice Menthol and the Red Apple flavours in Cherub. The Virginia Tobacco and First Kiss (Vanilla Custard) flavours are popular in Vapour Days as they are exceptional. I also love Strawberry Peanut Butter with my coffee.

If I use a DTL / sub ohm device, I like switching around many of the flavours on offer. I have been impressed by the Juiced brand and Sticky Wicks bottles. I prefer the blue label nicotine shots as you can mix and vape straight away. These nic shots are manufactured with the best ingredients and it has a noticeable quality. These are the nicotine shots sent out with the short fills ordered on our website.

When I’m finding things stressful and need an extra nicotine boost, I use salt nicotines in the Sceptre kit. I found some salt nicotines made me feel anxious, but Mr Salt and Pod Salts do an excellent job in meeting my needs without causing me anxiety. There are different types of salts. Pod Salts are an award winning salt-based e liquid.

I also use CBD to help me relax when life gets too much and for my anxiety, aches and pains. See our previous post which includes help on CBD. I vape CBD oils in the Sceptre pod kit.

What Has Been Most Frustrating About Running a Vape Shop?

The biggest frustration has been the false negative publicity that occasionally the press decide to make up or exaggerate. Around a year ago when there were some deaths due to THC capsules in America, which is an illegal drug in the UK, they pinned it on e cigarettes. It has now proven to be totally unrelated to e liquid products. The facts are always there if you research into their stories more, and see the truth behind the headlines. Public Health England have been fully supportive of vaping as an alternative to smoking. They repeatedly show the science behind e cigarettes being 95% healthier than tobacco cigarettes (see our previous post about this topic). The UK has one of the most regulated vape industries in the World and we are fortunate to have one of the safest industries.

What Do You Wish You Could Let Every New Vaper Know?

Vaping has changed my life, and no doubt extended it by many years too. Using the wrong kit does not mean the ‘vaping is not for you’. It means that particular kit is wrong for you. Using the right kit will help you stop smoking for good. My health has improved enormously. I can climb hills now without huffing and puffing, run with my children without wheezing, feel huge benefits inside my lungs and body. For that, I believe I owe my improved life to vaping.

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