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Just Juice E Liquids – Review by Vapour Days UK

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This e-liquid was born out of passion by a group of vapers fed up with the same old same old. Thus, the Just Juice brand was born. These e liquids are delectable, and yes, they may burn your coils out a bit faster, but boy, it’s worth it. We have the range available at Vapour Days UK, and we have really enjoyed vaping these.

Don’t be fooled by the name of the brand. This is not just juice; this is so much more than just juice. The flavours are absolutely delectable, and they have spent a long time creating these flavours. The concentrates used for these are one of the best we’ve tried, having been in the industry for around 14 years now.  The flavours in this brand are absolutely outstanding, and the quality of the juices is unbeatable. Just Juice describes themselves as superior e liquids, and we definitely agree.


  • 70% VG : 30% PG
  • Bottle Size: 60ml Shortfills with 50ml E Liquid
  • Manufactured in the UK

Fusion Mango & Blood Orange on Ice

Let’s start with the mango and blood orange with a cool ice finish. This is not normally my go-to flavour, but the true realistic flavours are just so realistic that they had my taste buds dancing around like hot popcorn. Wow!

This Mango and Blood Orange On Ice is a limited edition and is not one you want to miss. The freshly squeezed mangoes and blood oranges burst their way out of the bottle straight into your vape kit and hit all of your senses. Added with a dash of cooling ice cubes, this flavour will cool you down.

Just Juice Fusion Berry Burst Lemonade

This Berry Lemonade is also a limited edition and one you don’t want to miss. The fruity berries are sensational, refreshing and will not disappoint.

Apple and Pear On Ice

Apples and pears blended to perfection, with a dash of ice for a cooling and fruity flavour to bring you to vaping heaven.

Exotic Cherimoya, Grapefruit & Berries Cherimoya

Sounds like an exotic holiday welcome to foreign lands when you take your first steps off the aeroplane… In fact, for those who are not exotic fruits experts, Cherimoya is a sweet custard apple flavour. Imagine that in a fruit form, mixed with a serving of juiced up grapefruits and a scattering of juicy berries. You will be glad you tried this unique and delicious juice, and it will tempt you to travel the world to find a real Cherimoya to eat.

Exotic Fruits Lulo & Citrus

Are you an old-time vaper fed up with the same old blends of e juices? Wanting something you’ve never even heard of? Or are you new to vaping and looking for a delectable exotic fruity flavour to hook you so you never look elsewhere? Well, here it is! Lulo… what is that by the way? An exceptional fruit you’ll wish you’d tried before. Direct from Columbian paradise, Lulo fruits have been described as a tasty citrus mix of rhubarb and limes. This is surely that flavour you’ve been searching for…

Blood Orange, Citrus & Guava

Mixing blood oranges, citrus and guava are tantalising enough, but when these impressive flavours become a reality in your mouth, you know you have found a juice brand you can love and trust. That’s why Just Juice come in bigger 50ml bottles, to ensure you can enjoy these flavours for longer.


If you feel like you are just getting the same old flavours and want to try something that packs a delicious punch! Then we would defiantly recommend trying these flavours

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  1. This post doesn’t do justice on how brilliant these Just Juices are. Apple pear ice is the best.

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