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Best Selling Salt Nicotine E-Liquid Brands in 2023 – And Why

Best Selling Salt Nicotine 10ml E Liquids Vapour Days UK

This is a Guide To Best Selling Salt Nicotine E-Liquid Brands in 2023 – And Why? Choosing an enticing e-juice is a challenge in this vape industry with hundreds of salt choices. The salt industry, being so new, is also quickly changing and evolving. Here, we look at which nic salt e-liquids have been the best-selling at Vapour Days UK so far in 2023, and why customers love them!

What Are Salt E-Liquids?

Salt e-juices are used in reusable vape kits designed to replicate the feel of a cigarette and giving that ‘morning rush of nicotine’ feeling. Salt nicotines are also used in disposables vapes, but this post looks at the e-liquid bottles which can be used in reusable vapes. Salts usually work in mouth-to-lung (MTL) or restricted-direct-to-lung (RDL) vape kits best. They differ from freebase e-liquids and short fills since salts tend to be absorbed quicker by the body. They usually have higher nicotine options available, but are smoother to vape on the throat that the comparative freebase nic strength would be.

This year and last year have seen a reduction in how popular freebase juices are overall, just because salt nicotine and disposable vapes have dominated the vape scene. Salt nicotine can meet the nicotine cravings since they are smoother to vape than freebase at high nicotine strengths.

Runner Uppers: Bar Juice 5000 Salts Range & Suck It Big Salts

Best Selling Salt Nicotine

Bar Juice are the e-juice flavours found in extremely popular Elf Bar disposables and Elf Bar Lost Marys. It’s no surprise that vapers enjoy these flavours in reusable vapes too, perhaps as a first transition from disposables to reusable vape kits. Bar Juice and Elf Bar flavours are very strong in flavouring, so you will be able to clearly taste the delicious flavours as you vape. The top 5 Bar Juice flavours to have sold this year are:

  1. Blue Razz Lemonade – this is a much-loved flavour by salt nic fans, and is the best seller in the Bar Juice 5000 range.
  2. Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava 🥝 for a mixture of tropical fruits, this flavour takes you to an exotic paradise.
  3. Mr Blue – Blueberry Raspberry Slush in the same flavour as Elf Bar Lost Mary’s favourite Blue Razz Ice.
  4. Apple Peach 🍏 🍑
  5. Grape 🍇
Best Selling Salt Nicotine

If you haven’t yet tried Suck It Big Salts, we know you soon will. They come in huge 60ml bottles, with 30ml of concentrated flavour. When you mix them with either pink or green nic shots, you create a huge bottle of 10mg or 20mg salts. Now you can save money on vaping salts, and also make your favourite flavours last longer than the 10mls. This is a very clever development of the salt industry, transforming high nic salts into larger short fill salts.

The Suck It Big Salts were only launched at the end of January 2023, and in such a short time have gained a huge following of vapers. Their flavours are extraordinary, with customers frequently saying they are the best they have ever tried. The top 5 Suck It Big Salt flavours to have sold since their recent launch are:

  1. Blue Razzle Sour
  2. Rainbow Skitz 🍭
  3. Twisted Apple 🍏
  4. Melon Mayhem 🍉
  5. Cherry Pop 🍒

Third Best Seller: Vapour Days Salts

Best Selling Salt Nicotine

Vapour Days UK has only recently released this salt range. They are currently the best-value salts at only 4 for £10! These bottles come in 10mg or 20mg nicotine strengths.

  1. Peach Ice 🍑
  2. Blueberry Sour Raspberry
  3. Kiwi Passionfruit Guava 🥝
  4. Watermelon 🍉
  5. Blue Razz Lemonade
  6. Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice 🍓 🍒
  7. Strawberry Kiwi 🍓 🥝
  8. Pink Lemonade 🍷
  9. Strawberry Ice 🍓
  10. Cola 🥤

Second Best Seller: Ohm Brew Salt E-Juices

Best Selling Salt Nicotine

Ohm Brew salts are so popular because their flavours are incredible but they also offer smaller increments of nicotine strengths. They have 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg strengths to choose, whereas most salt brands have only 10mg or 20mg choices. They are fantastic value at only £15 for 5 x Ohm Brew Salts bottles. Their best-selling flavours so far in 2023 are:

  1. Sensation X is a pure mint flavour, created to replicate the feel of smoking a menthol cigarette. It is Ohm Brew’s best seller because it can be vaped all day, every day.
  2. Passionfruit & Mango 🥭
  3. Black Jacked 🍬 this flavour ranks highly due to its resemblance to the black jack sweets.
  4. Blue Slush a sweet blueberry raspberry slushie flavour.
  5. Rockin’ Raspberry Sorbet is a citrus raspberry ice sorbet. Vapers love that this flavour is different to all the other standard e-liquids. It offers a sweet, sour and cool vape experience combined into one fflavour.
  6. Candy Cherry 🍒
  7. Fizzy Cherry Cola 🥤
  8. Sour Blue Raspberry
  9. Mrs Red is popular because of its unique flavour mix. Mixed berries, grapes, aniseed, eucalyptus and menthol create an enticing blend for a distinctive flavour.
  10. Loco Lemon Tart 🍰

Winner: Mr Salt E-Liquids

Best Selling Salt Nicotine

Mr Salts are one of the first salt brands to have hit the vape market when salts were new. They have dominated the market since then for several reasons. Firstly, they are amazing value as only 4 for £12. Secondly, Mr Salt flavours are smooth and delicious, so when you try other brands you’re somehow always drawn back to Mr Salt. Finally, they regularly release new and exciting flavours to change things up.

  1. Watermelon Strawberry Raspberry 🍉 🍓 this salt is particularly impressive and has been Mr Salt’s best seller since the day they launched Mr Salt. If you love fruit explosions and haven’t yet tried this one, you really should!
  2. Blue Raspberry Lemonade
  3. Caramel Tobacco 🚬 This is the best selling tobacco flavour in any of the salt brands. It offers the flavour of a cigarette, with a delicate topping of sweet caramel to make it very vape friendly.
  4. Blueberry Cherry Cranberry 🍒 this is one of the newest flavours from Mr Salt, launched only at the end of February 2023. In only a month, it has already smashed to one of the best-selling flavours of this year so far!
  5. Strawberry 🍓
  6. Blueberry
  7. Orange Mango Guava 🥭 🍊
  8. Vimto 🍷
  9. Gummy Bears 🍬 This is another new Mr Salt flavour only launched a month ago, and already is steaming into a top spot.
  10. Classic Tobacco 🚬


Salt nicotine is still a relatively new addition to the vape industry. The best-selling salts so far in 2023 appear to be related to how long the brand has been established. This is likely because people are comfortable vaping brands they already know and trust. However, it is good to see that 2023 has already seen new types of salts being launched with Suck It Big Salts 60ml salt bottles. Not only that, but new brands and types of salt are quickly gaining a following with vapers. If you need help to stop smoking, you can contact us or alternativly find you nearist stop smoking clinic.

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