Review of Kamry K1000 Electronic Pipe

Kamry K1000 Electronic Pipe

Kamry K1000 Electronic Pipe Review

The Kamry K1000 E-Pipe is a pipe for a unique electronic vaping lifestyle.

What Are the Key Benefits of the Kamry K1000 Electronic Pipe Kit?

  • Two batteries are included with the e-pipe to ensure you can continue to use your pipe while charging the spare battery.
  • Uses e-liquid and coils like other electronic cigarette devices to ensure the variety and quality of the vape.
  • A variety of stylish colours to suit your preference.

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Aspire Triton Tank – Review

Review of Aspire Triton Tank

The Aspire Triton Tank is a sub ohm tank enabling you to receive a bigger vape from each puff on your electronic cigarette. Vapers who buy the Aspire Triton Tank and a Sub Ohm mod or battery are increasingly becoming known as Cloud Chasers because of the large amount of vapour they produce.

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