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Aspire K3 Tank Review

Aspire K3 Glass Atomiser


The Aspire K3 Tank is reviewed below for those of you wanting an electronic cigarette tank to replace smoking with a good taste to your e liquid but not producing enormous clouds.

Aspire K3 Glass Atomiser
Aspire K3 Glass Atomiser

What Are the Key Benefits of the Aspire K3 Tank?

  • Significantly enhances the flavour of the liquid in your atomiser.
  • Has longer-lasting coils than a standard atomiser.
  • Creates a higher amount of vape for each puff, without producing large clouds.
  • Gives your vapour a smoother sensation.
  • Aspire is a great brand name because Aspire is well established in producing electronic cigarette items.

Who the Aspire K3 Atomizer Will Suit?

  • Vapers wanting a quality atomizer which is discrete.
  • Vapers wanting a glass tank for improved flavour.
  • Vapers who want their electronic cigarette to have a far superior taste.
  • Those who want to give themselves a stronger chance of enjoying their e-liquid and electronic cigarette.
  • Vapers wanting a longer lasting coil.

How Often Will the Aspire K3 Coils Need Replacing?

The coils inside the Aspire K3 atomiser will eventually burn out, like all electronic cigarette coils. The frequency you will have to replace them depends on a variety of factors, and in particular how much you use your electronic cigarette and which e-liquid you use. A coil may last 2-8 weeks.

How Do I Know When the Coil Needs Replacing?

As long as you are still enjoying your electronic cigarette there is no requirement to change the coil. When a coil burns out it may make your e-liquid taste less nice, or you may receive less vapour with each puff. In this case, you will need to replace the coil.

Which Coils Go in the Aspire K3 Atomiser?

The Aspire Nautilus Replacement Atomiser Coils fit inside the Aspire K3 Atomiser.

Aspire Nautilus Single Coil
Aspire Nautilus Atomiser Coils

Which Ohm Coils Should I Buy?

The lower the ohms, the more heat will be created, providing you with more vapour, although it can also drain your battery quicker and dry hits are more likely. It also will require more replacement of e-liquid since more vapour is produced with each puff.

In contrast, the higher ohm coils effectively have the opposite effect. Less vapour is produced, it will drain your battery less, reduce your number of dry hits and requires less refilling of e-liquid.

I Now Have a Sub Ohm Battery – Can I still Use My K3 Tank to Vape?

Yes. You can now buy Nautilus 2S coils, which allow sub ohm vaping with a sub ohm battery only. These are available in 0.4ohms or 0.7ohm Mesh coils.

3 thoughts on “Aspire K3 Tank Review

  1. Which is the strongest k3 coil

    1. Hi Arthur, thanks for your enquiry. If you have a sub ohm mod to enable sub vaping, then the 0.7ohm will fit in the K3. If on the other hand you have a K3 kit or a lower wattage battery, then the 1.6ohm nautilus coil gives the most vapour
      Hope that helps but let us know if you have any other questions.

  2. Aspire k3 tank
    I have two of these one silver one black they are great for flavour but not for producing clouds ive got many tanks but the aspire k3 is by far the best and cost less than a tenner so can’t go wrong..

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