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Review of Kamry K1000 Electronic Pipe

Kamry K1000 Electronic Pipe Review

The Kamry K1000 E-Pipe is a pipe for a unique electronic vaping lifestyle.

What Are the Key Benefits of the Kamry K1000 Electronic Pipe Kit?

  • Two batteries are included with the e-pipe to ensure you can continue to use your pipe while charging the spare battery.
  • Uses e-liquid and coils like other electronic cigarette devices to ensure the variety and quality of the vape.
  • A variety of stylish colours to suit your preference.

Who the Kamry K1000 Electronic Pipe Kit Will Suit?

  • The e-pipe is an appealing device suited to vapers wanting to be unique or to replace traditional tobacco pipe smoking.
  • Those who like the design and appearance of an e-pipe compared to an electronic cigarette.


Further Details on the Kamry K1000 E-Pipe Battery

How Long Will the E-Pipe Battery Last Before Recharging?

Like all electronic cigarette batteries, the number of hours between charging can vary depending on how much you use it. A typical vaper can expect the battery to last 9 hours for an average use of the e-cigarette.

General Charging Use

  • Please ensure you only use the plug provided with the electronic cigarette kit and do not use your phone charger.
  • Charging the battery takes approximately 3-4 hours to complete.
  • Vapour Days recommend that you only charge the battery when the full charge has been used to extend the longevity of the battery life.

Further Details on the E-Pipe Atomiser

How Long Until the E-Pipe Atomiser’s Coil Will Need Replacing?

Over time the coil inside the atomiser will burn out and will require replacing. The atomiser coil could last approximately 2-6 weeks for an average vaper. The Kamry K1000 pipe coils can be trimmed to your desired length.

Can I Upgrade the Atomiser When It Needs Replacing?

A great quality upgrade is the Aspire Nautilus Mini which boosts your e-liquid flavour and taste.

Aspire Nautilus Mini Atomiser


Where Can I Buy the Kamry K1000 Electronic Pipe Kit

You can buy the Kamry K1000 Electronic Pipe kit in the Vapour Days Bristol UK store on the Middle Floor of the Galleries Shopping Centre.

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