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Does My Vape’s Coil Need Changing?

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A FAQ asked about vape’s are ‘does my coil need changing’. There are several clues that suggest your coil needs changing.

My Vape Tastes Bad

Unless you have recently changed your e juice to a nasty tasting flavour, the likelihood is that your coil has burnt out if it tastes burnt or not very nice.

My Tank Keeps Spitting At Me

If you previously used your tank without a problem and suddenly it has started spitting at you, you may only need to flick the vape residue out of the tank’s airway. Get a tissue and place it over the end and swing your tank in a head to hip motion. If you look at your tissue, the condensation build up will continue coming onto the tissue until it has all cleared.

If after clearing the airway of the tank you still have problems with it spitting, you may need to try changing the coil.

My Tank Has Started Leaking

Similar to the point above regarding your tank spitting, if your tank has suddenly started leaking for no apparent reason, and you have cleared the condensation out of the tank’s airway, you may want to try changing the coil.

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