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CBD Information and Help for Vaping CBD or Using Oral Drops

CBD Cannabidol Help and Information Vape Review

What Is CBD?

Cannabis plants contain a chemical compound called Cannabidol, or CBD for short. The first cannabidoid was discovered in the 1960s and there are now known to be more than 80. Each cannabidoid offers different symptomatic benefits. Two known cannabidoids are THC and CBD. All of the CBD products available at Vapour Days UK contain THC of 0.02% or below, which is the legal requirments of CBD. CBD is legal because it may offer benefits to your body, without any associated high.

CBD is a well-researched cannabidoid. It can be extracted from cannabis plants and also be synthetically made. Research has found CBD to affect sleep-wake cycles, emotional regulation, inflammation, pain perception, and seizures. For further information about some of the benefits of CBD, this link has some further details. We would always advise you speak to a medical professional before taking CBD.

Are there any Daily Recommended Limits for CBD

Research has found that some people are not aware of the daily limits for CBD (see this post for the research). The maximum recommended daily limit for CBD vape or oral drops is 200mg. The volume may have to be calculated dependent on the bottle’s total CBD content and the size of the bottle. If you have a 1000mg 10ml bottle of CBD, for example, you should not take more than 200 divided by 1000 (one fifth) of the bottle. A table below shows how much of a bottle should not be exceeded if you’re uncertain how to calculate the quantity.

Bottle Size
CBD Content (mg)10ml50ml
100Less than maximum doseLess than maximum dose
150Less than maximum doseLess than maximum dose
300Three Quaters of the Bottle (6.6ml)Three Quaters of the Bottle (33.3ml)
50040% of the Bottle (4ml)40% of the bottle (20ml)
100020% of the Bottle (2ml)20% of the Bottle (10ml)
150013.3% of the Bottle (1.3ml)13.3% of the Bottle (6.6ml)
200010% of the Bottle (1ml)10% of the Bottle (5ml)
25008% of the Bottle (0.8ml)8% of the Bottle (4ml)

What Strength CBD Is Best?

The suited CBD strengths options are included in the guide below. If you are unsure which strength you need, it is recommended to start on a low strength and then increase the strength if you are not getting the desired effect.


Low strength CBD are bottles with 100mg per 10ml bottle, or 500mg per 50ml bottle. These are classed as 10mg per ml CBD concentrations. These strengths are recommended for someone who is new to using CBD or with only mild symptoms.

Medium CBD

Medium strength CBD bottles are typically 300mg or 500mg in a 10ml bottle (1500mg or 2000mg in a 50ml bottle). The higher the strength, the more the effect on your body.

High Dose CBD

The highest strengths of CBD available at Vapour Days UK are the LVWell Sweet Mocha bottles with 2000mg or 3000mg options. It is not recommended to start with this strong CBD concentration unless you have been advised to do so by a professional.

What Type of CBD Products Are Available At Vapour Days?

We have a range of CBD products for you to buy online and in our shop. Some of the CBD products can be vaped, using an electronic cigarette device. See the Vaping CBD products here. Simply fill your electronic cigarette with one of these liquids, allowing it to soak into your coil before vaping. These CBD liquids do not contain any nicotine. You are able to add a nicotine shot to the 60ml CBD bottles, in a similar way to a short fill bottle of e liquid.

There are also CBD Oral Drops available if you don’t want to vape the CBD. These drops can be placed under your tongue, or put into your drinks.

What is CBG?

CBG is short for Cannabigerol, which is the bee’s knees of cannabinoids. CBG is similar to CBD in that it won’t make you high. Both of these cannabinoids impact the same body receptors and seem to have anti-inflammatory effects. The Orange County disposable vape pens contain 40% CBG and 60% CBD.

Meaning of Key Words Used in CBD Products

There are lots of words used in the CBD industry, which we have defined below.

Hemp – this is a type of Cannabis plant. Hemp does not produce THC so does not have intoxicating effects.

Terpenes – this is the compound which creates the flavours of cannabis. Each cannabis plant has its own unique flavour and smell due to the terpenes in it.

THC – this is the main compound that gives people a ‘high’ when they smoke cannabis. It is not legally permitted for sale in the UK unless the concentration is less than 0.2%. All of Vapour Days UK CBD liquids and drops contain less than this concentration of THC.

Oral CBD – this is CBD which can be used in drinks or quickly taken under the tongue. It does not need to be vaped, so can be used by anyone for speed of access to the effects of the CBD.

CBD Oil Capsules – there is also the option to swallow CBD oil capsules if you’d prefer. LVWell’s oil capsules are available in a low CBD strength of 10mg per capsule (500mg CBD in the full tub).

Full Spectrum CBD – this means that the CBD contains all of the naturally occuring cannabinoids found naturally in the cannabis plant. They tend to be higher in CBD strength and very low in THC.

CBD Laws – What’s Legal, What’s Not Legal, and Why?

THC and CBD are both common cannabidoids produced by the cannabis plant. Cannabis typically has more THC and hemp typically has more CBD. There are no laws in the UK for using CBD vapes or drops as long as the THC content is below 0.2%. This is because THC causes a ‘high’ effect and therefore is classed by the UK as a drug.

CBD has had some claims that it can ease depression, migraines, pain, nausea, inflammation, insomnia and pain, to name a few. There may also be some negative effects of CBD which have not been researched fully yet. See more about this in the external research paper. This is why vape shops are unable to offer advice or encourage your use of CBD. You can legally buy it in the UK, but it is worth seeking medical attention first if you are unsure of whether it is right for you.

Further Help

If you want further help on which CBD product is best for you, please visit us in our Bristol high street shop. Our address is Vapour Days, Middle Floor, The Galleries, Bristol, BS1 3XD. You can find us beneath Argos. We are unable to offer CBD advice relating to medical, health or disease queries. Please seek medical assistance from your local GP if you have a query relating to a medical condition.

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