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What Does Freebase E Liquids Mean?

Freebase E Liquids Definition

The first widely used e liquids across the vape industry were freebase nicotine, except the term itself can sound intimidating if you’re new to vaping. So what exactly are ‘freebase’ e liquids? How do you know if you need these for your vape kit? What’s the difference between freebase and other forms of e liquids?

Definition of Freebase Juices

The purest form of nicotine is freebase, suited for the long term or frequent vapers and sub-ohm vapers. Freebase is alkaline and gives a hit to the back of the throat, especially if the strength is above 6mg. The first form of nicotine used in electronic cigarettes is freebase. Freebase absorbs slower than the new form of salt nicotine available on the market. We would advise users who consume a lot of vapour to use freebase nicotine.

What Freebase E Liquids Made Of?

Freebase e-liquids are produced from the naturally occurring salts in the tobacco plant called salt nicotine. These salts are then turned into a pure concentrated form of nicotine. Companies created this so manufacturers of cigarettes could increase their strength without increasing the amount of salt nicotine.

Vape Kits Best suited for Freebase E Liquids?

We advise any chain vaping person, using their vape kit many times a day or frequent sub ohmers to use freebase nicotine. Regardless of the style of vaping used, if you frequently vape regularly, we recommend trying freebase juices.

In contrast, if you’re vaping mouth to lung (MTL) kits to stop smoking, it is recommended to try salt nicotines as they more closely replicate the feeling of a cigarette. You can also use freebase e liquids, but you may prefer to use lower nicotine strengths which may not meet your nicotine needs.

As with everything in the vape world, the type of juices you vape is also down to personal preference. Individual vapers can try the different types and decide for themselves which suits their needs best.

Which Brands at Vapour Days Are Freebase?

Vapour Days have several long-established and well-loved brands of freebase juices. These include Cherub 10ml bottles, our own Vapour Days flavours and many of the Vampire Vape e liquids. These e liquids are all included in a special multibuy deal of any 3 x 10mls for only £9.97.

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