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Guide To Best-Selling CBD Flavours – And Why

CBD Best Selling Orange County Flavours

There are many reasons for considering using oral CBD. Information on the NHS website about different types of uses for CBD. Once you’ve made the decision to vape CBD, it can be hard to decide which CBD to buy. We have stocked a range of CBD brands over the years, and the significant best seller was always Orange County. Orange county’s Broad Spectrum is award winning. They have a huge choice of flavours, CBD strengths, CBD / CBG disposables, to name a few of the options. This post looks at the top 5 selling CBD here at Vapour Days UK so far in 2023.

Runner Up: 3500 Puff Pink Lemonade Disposables

Pink lemonades are smash-hit sellers for all vape-related products. When made to perfection, they are refreshing, juicy and sweetly addictive. This Orange County Pink Lemonade disposable is exceptional and has stormed to a best-selling position for Orange County CBD bars. Give it a try and see if it hits the spot for you.

Fourth Best Seller: Orange County Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express comes in both 1500mg and 2500mg CBD strengths. These tropical pineapples taste incredible. When mixed with your choice of organic CBD strength, this flavour is an all-time favourite.

Third Best Seller: 3500 Puff Milkshake Disposables

The name of this Orange County Milkshake kit makes it sounds plain, but trust us, this flavour is no ordinary milkshake flavour. Sweetest of strawberries, blended bananas, apples juiced together to create this delightful fruit blend. Wonderful flavours blended into the thickest and tastiest creamy, thick milk.

Second Best Seller: 3500 Puff Miami Blueberry Disposables

This Miami Blueberry 3500 Puffs Orange County CBD bar takes top spot for Orange County disposables. The flavours are evidently unbeatable. CBD and CBG vapers adore the succulent blueberries, combined with the twang of pomegranate for a special Miami twist.

Winner: Orange County Star Dawg

Finally, the best-selling oral CBD juice is Orange County’s Star Dawg. Permanently fixed at the top spot for CBD vapers, and is available in both 1500mg and 2500mg strengths. It tastes like that well-known earthy, pine and diesel CBD. The UK’s fans of Orange County come back again and again for this Star Dawg flavour. Simply nothing compares.

What Are Disposable CBD Vapes?

This year and last year have seen a surge in the use of disposable vapes, both for e-juice vapes and for vaping CBD. Disposable electronic cigarette kits used for a number of puffs and disposed of. These kits contain everything you need to vape CBD. Cannot recharge or refilled. When the battery or CBD has been fully depleted, the kit is disposed of.

From the best-seller rankings above, the majority of the best-selling Orange County CBD are in disposable vapes. This is similar to the current trend of disposable purchases vs reusable kits in salt vaping. Whilst disposables are easier to use, they are a more costly option and also have a much bigger detrimental impact on our environment than reusables do. It is reassuring to see two of the Orange County CBD short fills appear in the top sellers listing this year, and that one of these remains at the top spot.

The Orange County disposable bars are disposable vape kits made with CBD and CBG. Read here about what CBG and CBD are.

Which Reusable Kits Are Best For Vaping Orange County CBD Short Fills?

Since disposables are worse for the environment, the natural next question is which reusable kit is best for vaping with the Orange County short fills? Interested to see the results of the best-selling reusable vape kits here. The winning vape kit sold so far in 2023 is the Vaporesso XROS Mini. This kit is ideal for vaping Orange County CBD when using the 1.2ohm pods.

Vaporesso XROS Mini Pod Kit Winners


Orange County are a clear winning brand of oral CBD. They have a delightful range of products available now, including disposable bars. The above lists the best-selling Orange County flavours, but they have many more on offer to suit every vapers’ tastebuds. If you want any guidance to which CBD may suit your needs, feel free to visit our Bristol city centre vape shop for further help.

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