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Benefits of E-Cigarettes vs Tobacco Smoking

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If you are reading this article, it is likely to be because you are contemplating a move from tobacco cigarettes to vaping on electronic cigarettes. You may be hesitant because you do not really know what the difference between tobacco smoking and electronic cigarettes are.

Most people who come into the Vapour Days shop who are interested in starting on electronic cigarettes are current tobacco smokers. Below we highlight the key advantages for transitioning over to electronic cigarettes as opposed to continuing your tobacco habit.

By the end of this article, you will realise that electronic cigarettes are a suitable alternative to tobacco smoking for so many people because of the benefits they have over tobacco.

1. Electronic cigarettes are much safer

The nature of tobacco smoking literally burns the tobacco and substances within the cigarette. You must use an open flame to light the cigarette. Therefore cigarette smoking poses a serious fire risk. Cigarettes are the biggest cause of death by fire, with 10% of all such deaths being caused by lit cigarettes across the world.

With e-cigarettes, there is not only no open flame and although there is publicity of batteries exploding, most of these have also been caused by people not using them as intended, or being charged with inappropriate chargers. The majority of people correctly follow their electronic cigarette instructions and therefore will experience no problems. Furthermore, you can buy a safety bag to guarantee your safety, which you cannot do to protect you from a tobacco cigarette fire-related risk.

2. Health benefits of vaping

Everyone is well aware that tobacco cigarettes are damaging to your health. 50% of tobacco smokers will die of a tobacco-related cause.

Many experts have now made public statements regarding the benefits to your health of using electronic cigarettes as opposed to tobacco. See our earlier post following the BBC’s documentary regarding medical research on the health benefits of vaping. In this documentary, Peter Hajek, Professor of the Tobacco-Dependents Research Unit at Queen Mary University of London makes several very strong statements about the benefits of vaping compared to smoking. For example, he says, “If there is a danger, it is likely to be a small fraction of a danger compared to smoking.”

This was also the main reason that Vapour Days was created. The owner of Vapour Days quit his 50-a-day tobacco smoking habit by using electronic cigarettes. Vapour Days wanted to ensure all the lessons learnt along the way in transitioning to vapour, will be passed to Vapour Days customers. The owner now has no wheezy chest at night, is far fitter and healthier in all aspects of his life, and is proud to say that even unexpected benefits like improved memory have evolved through being a vaper rather than a smoker.

Quitting smoking for electronic cigarettes will also make your fingers nails and teeth white rather than yellow. You will find other strange benefits such as any phlegm you cough up will be clear and not a dirty colour. That shows how much better your body is after quitting smoking.

3. Electronic cigarettes have no distinctive odour

Any non-smoker will tell you that tobacco smokers’ habit smells bad. Many people around you will be holding their breath politely while you talk to them over your cigarette. You currently have to walk the right side of them in order for the wind to carry the smoke away from them.

Furthermore, the smoke produced sticks to your clothing, hair, curtains, anywhere it comes into contact with.

You are sceptical that it even smells at all? Because smoking inhibits your sense of smell, many smokers are not even convinced that the smell is “that bad”. But trust us, now us vapers are no longer smokers, we can also now smell the foul tobacco smells lingering on people’s breaths…

Electronic cigarettes do not have this odour because only water vapour is exhaled, so all of the burnt tobacco, tar and other bad impurities are not present. This vapour disappears immediately and does not cling to anything around you. Many non-smokers will comment that the minimal flavours released from an e-cigarette are actually pleasant if they even notice it at all.

4. E-cigarettes are financially much cheaper than tobacco smoking

Any smoker will vouch for the fact that tobacco cigarettes are increasing in cost at present. All aspects of the cost of smoking have increased, whether that be a pouch of tobacco, lighters or redecorating your apartment due to the stained walls left behind by your cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes, on the other hand, are significantly cheaper. Vapour Days e-liquid, which meets EC regulations, is only £3.99. That’s the equivalent of 200 cigarettes… yes… for only £3.99. Even factoring in the cost of the electronic cigarette device, when comparing the regular cost of vaping, it is approximately half when compared to tobacco cigarettes.

5. Social aspects

Socially, smokers have received a lot of negative publicity in recent years due to the documented research around passive smoking, banning cigarettes in public places, the NHS burden due to the ill-health of smokers, to name a few.

In addition, dating can be a nightmare social situation as a smoker meeting a non-smoker. It is quite rare for a non-smoker to continue into a long-term relationship with a smoker. You may, therefore, be wanting to move to the vaping alternative to keep your current date interested. We meet many determined people in Vapour Days who choose to start on electronic cigarettes to keep their current partner. Even the Vapour Days owner has recently married his non-smoking partner, only because he was able to give up the smoking habit for vaping.

Since many smokers like the social side of standing outside with their colleagues for a 5-minute break at work, or with their mates for a gossip on a night-out, electronic cigarettes still provide you with the opportunity to socialise in these situations.

E-Cigarettes are the Best Choice
So in answer to your uncertainty about vaping over e-cigarettes, the benefits highlighted above make it a clear and easy decision. If you want advice on which electronic cigarette kit would best suit your lifestyle, you can read the Vapour Days ‘Best Electronic Cigarette Guide’ here.

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