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FAQ’s / Myths of Electronic Cigarettes

Vapour Days Electronic Cigarettes and E-Liquids Bristol Store

Myths and Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Electronic Cigarettes
Vapour Days answer questions frequently asked by those new to electronic cigarettes. Questions include what are in the e-liquids, is it addictive, how will it affect my health condition and charging e-cigarette batteries at home.

1. You don’t know what’s in them. It could be harmful!
We do know what’s in the Vapour Days e-liquid – purely polyglycol, vegetable glycerin and nicotine (unless 0mg nicotine flavour selected). Also known as foodstuff which pose no known risk to people. The nicotine has been compared by experts in electronic cigarette research to coffee (read our health blog here –

2. It is addictive so I could get more addicted to this than real cigarettes!
Whilst it is true that the e-liquid containing nicotine can be addictive, the lack of additional harmful substances which have been identified in tobacco cigarettes makes it a less harmful option. As time goes on with electronic cigarettes, you can reduce the level of nicotine and inevitably quit your habit altogether.

3. I have a health condition (e.g. diabetes, asthma), is using an electronic cigarette a wise option for me?
If you are currently a smoker as well as being asthamtic or diabetic among other conditions, then yes it is a good move. For smokers with medical conditions, the known negative effects of smoking tobacco has made medics recommend you to quit smoking. If however, you have been unable to quit smoking, then electronic cigarettes could help improve any side effects of smoking with your medical condition. It is however recommended that you still aim to give up altogether, so if you want further advice on how to do this using e-cigarettes, contact Vapour Days or come into the Bristol shop.

4. I am concerned about non-smokers starting on electronic cigarettes because they are becoming so popular.
Whilst we do not encourage non-smokers to start a new journey as a vaper, the nature of humans is to have habits. If someone is making the choice to either take up smoking or take up vaping, then we would rather them choose the healthier alternative. We are not aware of many people who have taken it up without already being a tobacco smoker, so we view this population of people as very small.

5. I am concerned about teenagers using e-cigarettes.
Vapour Days have a policy not to sell electronic cigarettes or e-liquids to people under the age of 18. Regulations will be coming into force in 2016, which we hope will support us in this policy.

6. I know someone who went onto these, they didn’t work out for him, and as a result he ended up smoking more tobacco cigarettes.
Like any change in life, quitting smoking with or without electronic cigarettes can be a challenge for some people. Almost all issues encountered by vapers are resolvable (except the attitude some smokers have not to even give it a try), so we would recommend that your friend comes into Vapour Days or contacts us online to discuss why the electronic cigarettes were not working for them. Common reasons people quote for electronic cigarettes now working for them are detailed below, with some helpful tips to increase their chance of success.

• Some people start with too high a nicotine strength e-liquid.This can hit the back of the throat and cause someone to cough. So if they found it irritated their throat too much, they can choose a lower strength nicotine to help them succeed.
• Others found that the time it took to recharge the battery was too long, so we would recommend a higher mAh battery or even buying two batteries. There is now also a SV passthrough which replaces the battery, so your electronic cigarette can be powered by your laptop or car!
• Other people found that their atomiser started making a burnt taste which put them off vaping. In this case, you can buy atomisers without the long string on the coils (also known as bottom dual coil atomisers), or a higher quality atomiser still at a great value. Vapour Days particularly recommend the Aspire for the next step up from a starter kit atomiser, and still great value at only £14.99  Aspire Nautilus tanks or the Aspire Nautilus Mini tanks.

7. I have seen lots of news about the safety of charging electronic cigarettes at home – what are your views on this?
We have a post specifically responding to this concern.  All batteries have a risk of malfunctioning while charging, whether that be your phone or general AA battery. If you are concerned we recommend you buy chargers specifically manufactured for electronic cigarettes from a reputable dealer to limit your risk, but you can also buy safety bags to put your mind at rest while your batteries are charging for only £9.99 –

8. I still have questions but not sure who I can ask.
No question is silly. This is a step into improving your health and your finances. Whilst your heart and brain, loved ones and strangers, are telling you to go for it, you want to be sure that it is the right thing for you. If you have any more questions after reading this, please contact Vapour Days or come into the Bristol Vapour Days shop (Middle Floor, 6 Union Gallery, The Galleries Shopping Centre.

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