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Parts of Electronic Cigarettes Explained

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I am a beginner to electronic cigarettes. What are the main parts of an electronic cigarette?

As a beginner to e-cigs, electronic cigarettes essentially have 3 main parts. The battery, the atomiser and the e-liquid. This article explains what each part is.

When buying your first e-cigarette, the kit will usually be referred to as a ‘starter kit’, and once you decide electronic cigarettes are for you people often move onto a more advanced ‘mod-kit’. For more help with which electronic cigarette will suit you, have a read of the Best Electronic Cigarette Guide –


E-liquid, also popularly known as vapour, oil or e-juice, is the liquid a vaper will use to inhale from an electronic cigarette. It consists of flavouring and can contain certain amounts of nicotine as indicated on the packaging. Once the electronic cigarette is activated, the vapour is produced from the e-liquid to be inhaled.

E-Liquid comes in a variety of flavours, and contains different levels of nicotine dependent on your personal requirements. The strength of nicotine comes i milligrams of nicotine per milliliter of liquid, or some people refer to them in “mg”. Vapour Days offer e-liquid with the following nicotine levels which can be chosen to best suit you:

0 mg/ml: No nicotine, for an experienced vaper attempting to quit electronic cigarettes

6 mg/ml: Low volume smoker, less than half a pack per day

12 mg/ml: Average smoker, between half and full pack a day

18 mg/ml: High volume smoker, more than a pack per day

24 mg/ml: Chain smoker, this is typically the highest strength sold by any reputable retailer

If you want to understand more about which flavour or strength of e-liquid will suit you, read the Vapour Days ‘Best Electronic Cigarette E-Liquid Guide’ on the following link –

Electronic Cigarette Atomiser

The atomiser is also commonly called an atomizer, cartomizer, cartomiser, cartridge, clearomizer, clearomiser or tank. The atomiser is the top section of the electronic cigarette which the e-liquid will be contained in and enables the liquid to be turned into vapour for inhalation.

Some atomisers are disposable whereas others are reusable. If you have purchased a reusable atomiser, the coils inside need replacing occasionally. You will know when the coil needs changing as you will receive less vapour than you are used to. Replacing only the coils work out much cheaper than replacing the whole atomiser each time.

When a vaper puffs on the e-cigarette, the tank feeds the e-liquid onto the atomiser via small wicks, also known as coils. Since this is the most technical part of an electronic cigarette, often issues can be encountered by vapers if they are not well-taken care of. Vapour Days highly recommend the Aspire tanks to combat many of these issues, which are very high quality top-end of the market atomisers. The cheapest Aspire tank makes it affordable for many electronic cigarette users. The higher quality of the Aspire tanks means the coils typically last a lot longer, and fewer things can go wrong, although they still need to be taken care of.

Electronic Cigarette Battery

The final part of an electronic cigarette is the battery, which provides power to generate the atomiser and enabled the e-liquid to be turned into vapour. The bigger the milli-ampere-hours (referred to as mAH) of the battery, the longer it is going to last between charging. The mAH of batteries typically range from 650 to 1600 mAH. Some batteries allow you to alter how much power your battery uses, which will alter the amount of vapour produced when you inhale.

Another key term used in electronic cigarette batteries is voltage. The higher the voltage, the more the atomiser can heat up and therefore the more vapour you can inhale at a time. Many batteries have what is called variable voltage, and therefore you can adjust the amount of vapour depending on your preference.


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