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Vaporesso Swag PX80 Pod Vape Kit Review

Vaporesso Swag PX80 Pod Vape Kit

Below we review the Vaporesso Swag PX80 vape kits. These are sub ohm devices which use a single 18650 battery for the best flavour and cloud production. The PX80 Swag kit by Vaporesso is one of the best little devices to hit the vape scene to date. This device oozes quality and style.


The PX80 has a padded faux leather side and a carbon fibre effect on the other which has a hidden one way window. This hidden screan reveals an OLED colour screen, being a really nice touch by Vaporesso. The device is made from alloy and not plastic so is very durable. This is a very friendly pocket device with dimensions of 99.7 x 24.1 x 47.7mm. Each pod has a juice capacity of 2ml but 4ml pods are available to buy separately.

Replacement Pods

The kit comes with plastic pods, which in our opinion are a lot nicer design than the original PNP pods included with the Drag Refresh series of vapes and the Drag X kits.


The PX80’s have lockable mouthpieces which, when unlocked, enables you to remove the coil by pushing down. Also the airflow and tank is designed to be within the mod which reduces the overall size of the device, making this even more pocket friendly.


This device is capable of an 80w output.

Replacement Coils

The coils are the GTX range from Vaporesso, being long lasting and producing great flavours and vapour. These coils are mesh which utilises the whole cotton service of the coil. The GTX 0.2 ohm coils can be vaped best at 45-60w and the GTX 0.3ohm can be vaped best at 32-45w. Another nice feature unique to this device is that the LCD screen tells you the best wattage to set the coils at. Good job Vaporesso!!

Mod Batteries

The Swag vapes take an 18650 battery and is charged inside the device with a type C cable. This is far more stable than the former micro USB to previous Vaporesso pod kits, adding another tick for safety features.

Refilling the Tanks & Changing Coils

The tank is filled via the bottom through a removable rubber bung so is very easy to fill. The coils are a simple push fit which make changing the coils easy and can also reduce the risk of threads getting worn out by screwing in and out coils. Coils should be left to soak for at least 5 minutes to prevent them burning out.

How To Vape

The pod device is powered up in much the same as most vape kits. Click the button 5 x in the space of 2 seconds and it turns on. If you want to lock the device, it’s 3 x clicks on the power button in 2 seconds. To access the settings you need to push the power adjuster buttons + then the – and hold this will take you into the setting menu in there you will find the following options:

  • VW – which is variable wattage mode. This is the most common setting and the default setting.
  • VV – variable voltage mode you can also set a puff counter, a restore factory setting option, a colour select for your screen colour and also the exit button.

Safety Features

This device has a lot of protection features inbuilt for you including: input supply power protection, low battery protection, no load protection, short circuit protection, overtime protection and heat protection. If you are a heavy vaper and are not at a charging port then we would advise carrying a spare charged battery, This battery must be carried in a protective case for safety. We also have a range of chargers which you can purchase for easy recharging.

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