Chubbi Chodez Drip Hacks – 7000 Puff Refillable Disposables

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  • Kit Type: Disposable – Rechargeable and Refillable
  • Average Puffs Per Kit: 7,000
  • Vaping Style Options: MTL
  • Battery: Inbuilt
  • Battery Capacity: 550mAh
  • Nicotine Strength: You Choose Your Own Juice
  • Colours: Green, Pink, Purple, Red or Yellow
  • Unique Features: Rechargeable Battery & Refillable

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Chubbi Chodez disposable pods by Drip Hacks are now in-store and online. We have been asked for rechargeable, refillable disposables and here they are! Chubbi Chodez is easy to set up. You can choose any salts, Cherub brand of juices, Vapour Days 10ml juices and any strength of Nicotine you want, so you can now enjoy a more versatile disposable vape kit. Reuse and refill the Chubbi Chodez, with over 7000 puffs. This is over 10 times the number of puffs offered by the Elf Bars, Crystal Bars, Geek Bars for sale.

Disposable vapes have a bad reputation for their impact on the environment, but these Chubbi Chodez kits are the most eco-friendly disposables, lasting significantly longer than the others. Although the name makes it sound like they may look chubby, they are actually a similar slender size to the other main disposable pod brands.

Why are these kits still disposable if you can refill and recharge? These kits were designed to simplify the vaping experience that many new vapers find a challenge – there is no replacing of the coils. Once the coils burn out, you simply throw the whole kit away and buy a new one. In the meantime, the easier maintenance of a vape – recharging and refilling with juice – is still required. After filling the pod with juice, allow the e-liquid to soak in for 5 minutes before vaping.


  • Juice Capacity: 2ml
  • Battery Capacity: 550mAh
  • Puffs: 7,000
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Compatible E-Liquids: Refillable With 70% VG or Less (ideal of salt nicotines, Cherub or Vapour Days 10ml juices)
  • Colours: Red, Green, Purple, Pink or Yellow.

UK Delivery

When you buy Chubbi Chodez electronic cigarettes from Vapour Days UK, your order will be dispatched on the same or next working day. Delivery is available to all addresses in the UK. These Drip Hacks pods are also available to buy in our Bristol vapes shop on the Middle Floor of The Galleries Shopping Centre.

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Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow

4 reviews for Chubbi Chodez Drip Hacks – 7000 Puff Refillable Disposables

  1. Congas

    Great alternative to wasting money on geek bars etc
    I’m a occasional vaper and it’s lasted me over 3 weeks
    Quick charge time and lasts for a good few hours
    Nice flavours and clouds too🙂
    Great advice and service from vapour days too

  2. Rose

    Lovely little kit which is simple to vape with. Better than disposables on the environment I guess too.

  3. Jen

    Amazing new Kit! Means I can choose my colour which I prefer as I didn’t like the colour of my Elf Bar one, and now I can vape this with my Bar Juice instead. Thanks 🙂

  4. Abi

    Loving these new chubby chodez pods. I bought my first last week and am vaping ohm brew banana candy in it. Easy to use and fits in my bag. I liked the size and ease of disposables but really wanted a reusable one so this has been the perfect product in that sense. Thanks to Chubby Chodez 5*!

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