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Cooling E Liquid Flavours Increased Popularity

Vapour Days Electronic Cigarettes and E-Liquids Bristol Store

The UK has seen a recent surge in the demand for cooling e juice flavours. Why? Which flavours are the best cooling ones on the market?

Why Are Cooling Freeze Flavours Becoming So Popular?

  • Now the Tobacco Products Directive has required all liquids to be tested and approved by MHRA, vapers can vape with confidence now. The majority of cooling e liquids have been manufactured in Malaysia, which previously posed questions to many vapers about the trustworthiness of those liquids. Now they can be vaped in confidence that they have all been tested under UK regulations.
  • New flavours have been released which are literally phenomenal. The flavours combined with the refreshing cool hits are keeping vapers able to continue vaping the same flavour over and over.
  • Due to the fact that people continue using the same freeze flavours, the demand in them for large 50ml or larger bottle sizes has had to be met. The e liquid manufacturers who make these cooling flavours have designed zero nicotine large bottles with space for you to add a nicotine shot. This is still compliant with the UK’s regulations and gives you a larger bottle to not only keep your liquid lasting longer, but also generally is better value for money.

Which Flavours Are On the Market Now?

The following flavours are all available for sale at Vapour Days UK which include a cooling or freeze hit. Give these e liquids a try for free in the Bristol shop on the Middle Floor of The Galleries Shopping Centre, Bristol, BS1 3XD.

Fantasi E Liquid

The Fantasi e liquids are suitable for both sub ohm, cloud chasing devices and more basic electronic cigarettes. There are cooling flavours including Orange, Grape and Mango, and then there are super cool flavours including Grape Ice and Orange Ice to choose from.

  • Nicotine Strength: 0mg and 3mg (with nicotine shot)
  • Bottle Size: 55ml in 0mg; 65ml when a nicotine shot is added to give a 3mg strength
  • 70% VG : 70% PG
  • Compliant with the UK’s TPD Regulations

Fantasi Apple Ice Short Fill 55ml

Monsta E Liquid

An equally popular brand of cooling flavours is Monsta Vape. These liquids are also suitable for both sub ohm and basic tanks.

  • TPD Regulation Compliant: manufactured using the highest quality ingredients, tested and notified to the MHRA so rest assured that you know the quality of the liquid you are vaping
  • Bottle Size: 3 x 10ml Bottles in a Pack
  • Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg & 6mg
  • Manufactured in Malaysia
  • 70% VG : 30% PG

Monsta Vape Zesty Grappy E Liquid ukSlush Daily Vape

Slush Daily liquids are only suitable for sub ohm vapes due to their VG:PG content.

  • Nicotine Strength: 0mg; Optional Nicotine Shot to Mix
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Bottle Size: 50ml with Room for a 10ml Nic Shot
  • 80% VG : 20% PG

Slush Daily Red CrushTry The Above Cooling Liquids Now

What are you waiting for? There is a reason these cooling flavours have gone into such high demand, they make delicious fruity flavours become ‘all day vapes’ with a simple cooling refreshing twist to prevent your tastebuds getting bored. If you still aren’t sure, come into the Bristol Vapour Days store on the Middle Floor of The Galleries Shopping Centre to try them for free.

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