Vaping ‘Far Safer’ Than Cigarettes

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Vaping ‘Far Safer’ Than Cigarettes

A long-term study into the effects of vaping on the health of ex smokers has found that vaping is far safer than tobacco cigarettes. The study looked at individuals six months after replacing smoking tobacco cigarettes for vaping, and found that the vapers had far fewer toxins and cancer causing substances than smokers. For example, one chemical highly associated with lung cancer, was found to be at 97% lower levels in the vapers than in the smokers.

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Ruthless E Liquid Review


Vapour Days UK review the Ruthless e liquid brand which includes Ruthless Grape Drank, Ruthless Peach Fuzz, Ruthless Menage A Trois, Ruthless Swamp Thang, Ruthless Ez Duz It, Ruthless Slurricane, Ruthless Mandingo, Ruthless Rise, Ruthless Sherbae and Ruthless Jungle Fever.

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Review of Kamry K1000 Electronic Pipe

Kamry K1000 Electronic Pipe

Kamry K1000 Electronic Pipe Review

The Kamry K1000 E-Pipe is a pipe for a unique electronic vaping lifestyle.

What Are the Key Benefits of the Kamry K1000 Electronic Pipe Kit?

  • Two batteries are included with the e-pipe to ensure you can continue to use your pipe while charging the spare battery.
  • Uses e-liquid and coils like other electronic cigarette devices to ensure the variety and quality of the vape.
  • A variety of stylish colours to suit your preference.

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