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What is the Bristol Vape Scene Like?

Bristol Vape Scene

Customers who are considering vaping or new to vaping in Bristol may want to know how supportive the city is of vapers. If you are considering moving to Bristol or visiting the city, you also may be interested in the local scene first.

High Street Shopping

Bristol has a competitive high street offering for high quality e liquids and a diverse range of hardware brands. For specialist advice to help you quit smoking and start your vaping journey, visit our modern shop in the city centre’s Galleries Shopping Mall. Here, we have had experience of selling from our store since 2014 and personal vape experience of the staff goes back to 2010. The owner can be challenged on almost any vape related topic and will be able to answer your questions. From complex coils, to which e liquid is best for an unbranded kit, to which kit will be best for stopping smoking once and for all, Vapour Days has the answers you need.

Am I Allowed to Vape in Bars / Restaurants?

Many of the bars and restaurants are supportive of the vaping community, although it is worth checking with the staff there first. There are many outdoors restaurants and pubs which can support vaping outdoors during the warmer weather. For example, Cabot Circus, another shopping mall in the city centre, have a floor with restaurants offering partially outdoor dining. Vaping is a common part of Bristol life and so many of the locals are familiar with it and support it.

The History of Vaping Shops in Bristol City Centre

Vapour Days are proud to have been the first store to open in Bristol’s city centre for vapers to come and shop with technical assistance from our team. We offer branded e liquids, coils, kits and other vaping accessories. We have built a loyal following of customers who enjoy the personalised advice we offer, the relaxed conversation and the vibe of our local shop. Some customers have even mistaken a fellow customer as a member of staff as they like to spend time in the shop regularly. With COVID-19, there has been an increased demand for online shopping too, and the fast service offered by the Royal Mail, for example with optional guaranteed next day delivery, has enabled customers to continue vaping even with the challenges brought about by a UK lockdown.

Why is the High Street Store More Important than Online

For many customers, vaping is a minefield with so many brands and choices to make. This is why customers have valued having the high street store available over the years. During the COVID-19 lockdown, and any future lockdowns that the Government may impose, we have been able to offer a click and collect service, and telephone or email advice where customers have needed. Without this technical support these customers may have struggled to buy the right products and revert to smoking or be stuck without essential items. Not all vape kits are the same and it is very important to choose the correct vape to suit your needs. That is why specialist and trustworthy advice has remained at the core of Vapour Days. That is the service we aim to offer consistently to new customers and loyals alike.

What Does the Future Hold for Vape Shops in Bristol?

It is a ruthless scene in Bristol with customers able to get the best prices in store and online. Since COVID-19 lockdowns, there is an increased risk for many high street stores. Vapour Days has a strong following and we are thankful for the support each of those customers have given us, not only over the years we have traded but during this COVID-19 scenario. Only time will tell whether other newer shops can survive the current high street too, but we are confident that the measures taken by the Government and our high street will enable high street vape stores to remain a core feature of Bristol’s city centre.

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