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Spit Proof Self Cleaning Drip Tip Review

Spit Proof Drip Tip

Spit Proof and Self Cleaning Drip Tip Review

Impervious spit proof and self-cleaning drip tips help ensure your vaping experience is more enjoyable and hygienic.

Key Benefits of Impervious Drip Tips

  • More hygienic vaping preventing dirt build up.
  • Prevents spitting of e-liquid into your mouth, making a more enjoyable vape experience.
  • A drip tip for atomisers adds style and fun to your electronic cigarette.
  • Electronic cigarette drip tips can improve the feel of your electronic cigarette mouthpiece.
  • Drip tips are easily replaceable, so you can have one for weekends and another for work.

Which Atomisers do the Spit Proof Drip Tips Fit?

Drip tips will not fit on all atomisers. Push-in drip tips fit on atomisers which have replaceable tips at the head of the atomiser, provided that the tips can be replaced by pulling the current tip off the end of the atomiser.

Where Can I Buy Spit Proof Electronic Cigarette Drip Tips From?

You can buy the spit proof and self-cleaning drip tips in the Vapour Days Bristol UK store on the Middle Floor of the Galleries Shopping Centre. Alternatively, you can buy online in the UK by following the link below.

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