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Negative Consequences of Smoking and Smoking Around Your Family

Stop Smoking

We are all aware that there is a lot of information on the harsh consequences of smoking and passive smoking in the media, scientific research, knowing someone who’s died of smoking related disease… the list goes on. However, times have changed with COVID-19 and news announcements have highlighted that more people have reverted back to smoking, including those who had succeeded with quitting smoking through vaping. It’s important to remind ourselves of how destructive smoking is to us and our loved ones, through their passive smoking. Then let’s consider the research done on electronic cigarettes and we take a look at the recent video by the NHS which refers to vaping being the equivalent to our health as patches or gum. The below debate discusses how destructive smoking is to us. We also consider different e cigarette options that may be the tool needed to help you quit smoking for good.

Health Dangers of Smoking Conventional Tobacco Cigarettes

Videos perhaps emphasise the sheer destruction being done to your body when you smoke a conventional cigarette better than words can. Public Health England’s video, copied below, shows there is no doubt that vaping is less damaging to your lungs than cigarettes. Through the experiment done in the below video, the scientists have to literally wipe away tar from the jar where they have exposed it to an average cigarette smokers’ volume. The vaping and the ‘just air’ jars look immensely cleaner than the tobacco jar, with vaping being comparable to patches and nicotine gum. What sort of damage can all this tar and toxins be doing inside our bodies? Let’s remind ourselves of what the negative effects are below.

Damage to the Lungs and Heart

Cardiovascular disease is massively increased through smoking, and poses additional risks to pregnant women and children (see this article for more details). Respiratory diseases and illnesses are also common in smokers, but particularly lung cancer (see this article). There are many cancers and diseases you can get caused by smoking, but what about dying? We all think we could be hit by a bus – but genuinely what are our chances of dying from smoking related disease?

Killing You

Above all other causes of death, smoking was the biggest cause of death in the last decade (see this article published in 2020). A massive 7 million people die each year of tobacco related deaths (see this article published in 2019). Irrelevant of whether it was the heart, the lungs, or another part of the body destructed by cigarettes, this has to change. If you cannot stop smoking without help, vaping is a good step to help you still meet all your addiction needs (habit, nicotine and visual effect of seeing smoke) while reducing those harmful toxins entering your body. It is so easy nowadays to change providing you use the right electronic cigarette and e liquid to meet your needs.

Causes of Taking Up Smoking in this Day and Age

For those people who have successfully quit smoking previously, the most common place used to buy a cigarette was not at their usual place but at an impulse buy somewhere (see this article for more detail, published 2020). This means those who have successfully quit smoking need to be mindful to make the choice not to buy unless serious consideration has been made and you are genuinely choosing to take up this deadly habit again.

Since COVID-19 causes many employees to work from home or be on furlough, the stress levels may have increased. Fathers who were used to having regular breaks from the family environment, have now been exposed to their families without break. The family life is challenging at the best of times, but if you have children and are unable to take them anywhere it can be even more stressful. Furthermore, many people have been informed that they are now redundant, job markets are on freeze as businesses are closed or struggling to find ways to meet cashflows. In these stressful times it appears to have triggered some people to revert back to cigarettes.

Sometimes it may be that with some of the above stresses, the vaping device you have been using is simply not good enough anymore to meet your increased nicotine needs. Many longterm vapers have previously changed onto sub ohm devices to increase their flavour choices. These, of course, only allow you to comfortably have low levels of nicotine. For someone who is in an increased stress environment, nicotine levels may need to be higher and so a different kit may be required for what’s known as ‘mouth to lung’ vaping instead. We will discuss that more later in this article.

Passive Smoking Effects on Your Loved Ones

Passive smoking badly affects those around, causing the same diseases as smokers, particularly in children. This is why the UK brought in a ban in 2015 to prevent people smoking when they have children in the car. It can take 2-3 hours for smoke to clear a room, so even if you think you are being safe many of the toxins are odourless (see more information on the NHS website). In comparison studies conducted on children in households where passive smoking or passive vaping occurs, the results have shown that passively vaping children have significantly lower toxins present than passively smoking children (see example research on this link). Passive smoking can contribute to over 100 disorders in children (see article on this link for more information). Even very brief passive vaping has shown damage to children’s eyes for example (see more information on the research here). All of the other smoking-related causes of death can be found in those passive smoking too, including those to the heart by 25-40% (see this article). This last article also emphasises how e cigarettes do not cause nicotine to be passively vaped.

Points to Consider if You Want to Quit Smoking with Vaping

To quit smoking the best kind of electronic cigarette, which allows higher nicotine levels and replicates the feeling of smoking, is known as a ‘mouth to lung’ (MTL) vape kit. These have higher ohm coils, offering less vapour production than sub ohm, but are less harsh on your throat when vaping higher nicotine strengths. You may be able to go for a more powerful device if you smoke less (i.e. only 3-5 cigarettes per day) due to the lower nicotine content required. In terms of which MTL kit to go for, if you want the best kit for kicking the smoking habit, then we highly recommend personalised advice from our team. Visit us on the Middle Floor of the Bristol City Centre Galleries Shopping Mall (beneath Argos) for face-to-face advice. Alternatively, email us at or call us on 01179 256413.

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