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Review of the Innokin Sceptre Pod Vape Kit

Innokin Sceptre Pod Vape Kit

This is a review on the Sceptre pod kit from Innokin. Innokin have put a lot of thought into this device and worked on this pod device for 8 months. This has to be one of the best pod systems available and this post will explain why.

What is the Innokin Sceptre Kit?

It is classed as an electronic cigarette pod system. However, it does have removable coils and a removable bottom to the pod/tank so it could also be classed as a tank.

Quality of the Device

The look and feel of the Sceptre is extremely premium and has a very nice wight of only 95 grams, to be precise. The kit has a top half of zinc alloy with polycarbonate rubberised finish on the bottom half. This makes it have a very nice feel in your hand and improves the grip. The pod itself is a very high quality and on a 6 week trial of the Sceptre for doing this review, this pod system has not yet leaked.

Sceptre Features

The function options on this device are simple but very effective. The fire button, when the device is turned off, selects the power of the device. Therefore you can use both coils on both power settings as the device will adjust itself accordingly.

This pod kit has the choice of mouth to lung (MTL) coils or restricted direct to lung (RDL) coils. For more information on what MTL and RDL mean, have a read of our earlier post on this topic. The MTL 1.2ohm coils runs at 9w on the green power setting to 10w on the purple setting. That’s a very low wattage but the vapour production is fantastic with a cooler vape experience than the 0.5ohm coil. This 0.5ohm coil runs between 18w on green to 20w on purple. It produces a lot of vapour with the pod switch set to RDL, giving a warmer vape and exceptional flavour production.

The Sceptre’s mod has a massive 1400mah internal battery. It also features a battery indicator. Red indicates 10% power remaining, Blue 10% -50%, and Green 50% to 100%.

Filling the Device

The tank is dark and you can’t see the liquid level which at first glance appears anoying… However, Innokin have thought about this because if you press and release the fire button quickly, an LED light will shine into the tank, showing your e liquid level. To refill with e liquid, simply pull the tab to open, fill with your favourite juice, then close the tab back to its original position.

Changing Sceptre Coils

Changing the coils is a very simple process. The pod system slides out from the magnet by pushing the right hand side of the tank, with its bumpy grip moulding. The pod then has instructions on the bottom showing you how to unlock the bottom of the pod. Once unlocked you can pull the bottom off, and unscrew the coil. The new coil is screwed into the old coil’s place. Allow your juice to soak in for 10 minutes before vaping.

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