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Video – How to Know Which Coils Your Tank Uses

Video Helping Work Out Which Spare Coil You Need for your Vape Kit

It can be hard, especially when new to vaping, to know which replacement coil your vape kits or tanks need. This video has been created to help with the different steps needed to work out which coils you have been using in your current vaping setup.

What Are Coils?

Coils have a vast range of different names. Some people call them wicks, atomizers or atomisers, dewberries, thingies, the inside middle parts of the tank, burners, elements, to name a few. The coils are the essential piece of your electronic cigarette used to heat your e liquid and turn it into vapour. When they burn out, they start to taste nasty or can cause leaking or overall be less satisfactory than when the coil was new. You have realised it’s time you change your coil, but that’s where you got stuck – which coil from the hundreds available online is the one you need for your kit? This video helps you work out the answer to this question.

What Are The Coil’s Ohms?

Coils have different ohms and the ohms you’re using hugely affects your vaping. The higher the ohms (usually 1.2ohms – 1.8ohms), the experience is more like smoking a cigarette . It also takes thinner VG e liquids such as Cherub or Vapour Days. The lower the ohms, the thicker the VG e liquids used, and the more clouds and flavoursome your vape will be. You will typically find big short fill bottles are used for lower ohm coils, though not always. We offer 2 for £20 on higher VG short fill bottles here, as well as many other e liquid brands here.

Working Out The Ohms

When trying to find the ohms of your coil, you are looking for the horeshoe symbol Ω. Next to that symbol will be a number, and that number is the ohms of the coil you are currently using. It will range in that number but will usually have a decimal point and a number or 2 each side of the decimal. For example it could say 0.15Ω, 0.4Ω or 1.8Ω.

If You Have an LCD Mod Device

If your mod battery has an LCD screen, you are able to view key features such as wattage on the light up screen on your kit. That makes an easy start to identifying the ohms of your coil. Simply turn on the screen and look for the number next to the Ω sign.

Working Out The Ohms If You Have a Simple Battery

If your battery or mods does not have an LCD screen, you’ll need to find which ohms you are vaping from the side of your used coil. You’ll unscrew your tank in the same way that you do to refill with e liquid. Unscrew or pull out the coil, as shown in the video, and the ohms will be marked on the side of the coil. The ohms is the number next to the Ω sign.

Checking the Coil’s Brand

There are hundreds of vaping brands in the UK. Even if you bought a kit with an Eleaf mod battery, the tank may be an Aspire brand. It is therefore important to check the brand of your tank only. This and / or the tank’s name is sometimes helpfully written on the tank itself, maybe on the base or even on the coil itself. To verify you have the correct brand, you can do a search for the tank you think you have on the Vapour Days UK search option, or using the menu categories above. If it looks like your tank, then you are likely to be correct.

Finding The Right Coil

Once you’ve found your brand, tank name and ohms, you can easily find your replacement coil by searching in our search box above or following the coils categories. The above video helps in doing this. You are looking for the correct ohms and brand name. There is usually a summary showing which vape kits and tanks use those coils. You can verify yours is on that list too. If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to contact us for help. As an additional check, you can search for your tank name to see if it looks the same as the tank you have in front of you.

Trying a Different Coil

Many tanks have different ohm options you can try. If you are wanting to try a different coil, please check your battery is able to adjust to the recommended wattages of the different coil. You’ll also need to consider whether you need a different e liquid as well. If this all sounds a bit complicated, you are probably best just continuing with the coil you are used to. You can also visit our Bristol city centre shop on the Middle Floor of The Galleries Shopping Mall for help, or contacting us through this link.

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