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Kangertech EMOW Battery – Review

Kanger EMOW Variable Voltage Battery

Kangertech’s EMOW Variable Voltage Battery is reviewed below for those of you wanting a more durable electronic cigarette variable voltage battery.

What Are the Key Benefits of the Kanger EMOW Variable Voltage Battery?

  • Kangertech is a great brand name and are well established in producing electronic cigarette items.
  • Large battery capacity reducing the length of time between charges.
  • Variable voltage enables you to increase or decrease the amount of vapour to suit your needs.
  • A stylish yet durable electronic cigarette battery.

Who the Kanger EMOW Variable Voltage Battery Will Suit?

  • Vapers wanting style with functionality.
  • Those who want a longer lasting battery.
  • Vapers who want to be able to adjust the amount of vapour from each puff.
  • Vapers requiring a more durable electronic cigarette battery than standard batteries.

How Long Will the Battery Last Before Recharging?

Like all electronic cigarette batteries, the number of hours between charging can vary depending on how much you use it. A typical vaper can expect the battery to last 2 days – 1 week for an average use of the e-cigarette.

How to Charge the Battery?

  • Charging the battery takes approximately 4-5 hours.
  • Vapour Days UK recommend that you only charge the battery when the full charge has been used to extend the longevity of the battery life.
  • Please ensure you only use a wall plug and charging cable designed for electronic cigarettes. Do not use your phone charger to charge this electronic cigarette because other wall plugs or USB chargers may provide the incorrect output required for your electronic cigarette, even though they appear to fit. If you require an additional plug or USB charging cable the following items are specifically designed to charge this electronic cigarette battery.

USB Wall Plug Electronic Cigarettes Bristol Shop

How Do I Use the Kanger EMOW Battery?

To turn the battery on, click the button five times in quick succession. Click the button five times in quick succession to switch the battery off.

To increase the battery’s voltage, click the button three times in quick succession to cycle through the different voltages.

Which Atomizers Fit the Kanger EMOW Variable Voltage Battery?

Any 510 thread atomizers fit the Kanger EMOW Battery, which includes the majority of atomizers sold at Vapour Days UK. The Kanger EMOW Atomizer is the most popular combination, which can be bought separately or together with the battery in the following kit through Vapour Days UK.

Where Can I Buy the Kanger EMOW Electronic Cigarette Kit From?

You can buy the Kanger EMOW Variable Voltage Battery in the Vapour Days Bristol UK store on the Middle Floor of the Galleries Shopping Centre. Alternatively, you can buy online in the UK or Europe by following the link below.

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