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Aspire CF Sub Ohm Battery-review

Aspire have innovated the Aspire Carbon Fibre Sub Ohm Battery, for those of you requiring a bigger vape from each puff on your electronic cigarettes. Vapers who buy the Aspire Atlantis and Aspire CF Sub Ohm Batteries are increasingly becoming known as Cloud Chasers because of the amount of vapour they produce.

What Are the Key Benefits of the Aspire CF Sub Ohm Battery?

  • Significantly increases the amount of vapour produced on each puff of your e-cigarette when using a sub ohm atomiser.
  • Gives your vapour a smoother sensation when used with a sub ohm atomiser.
  • Aspire is a great brand name because Aspire is well established in producing electronic cigarette products.

Who the Aspire CF Sub Ohm Battery Will Suit?

  • Vapers who want their electronic cigarette to produce a much larger amount of vapour from each puff when the battery is used with a sub ohm atomiser.
  • Those who want to give themselves a stronger chance of enjoying their e-liquid and electronic cigarette.
  • Those who want a longer lasting battery.

How Long Will the Aspire CF Sub Ohm Battery Last?

The Aspire CF Sub Ohm Battery is a rechargeable battery, so has to be recharged when it runs out. The frequency you will have to charge the battery depends on a variety of factors, and in particular how much you use your electronic cigarette. It is a 2000mAH battery so will last double the length of time, or provide double the amount of vapour depending on the setting, as a 1100mAH battery.

How do I charge the Battery?

  • Unscrew the battery from the tank.
  • Screw battery onto the USB charger, without over tightening.
  • Plug the USB into a Vapour Days wall charger or a computer.
  • The LED light will flash three times and the button will turn orange (3.2-3.5 volts) or blue (3.5-4.15 volts).
  • The light on the USB charger will be red when charging.
  • When the battery has fully charged, the USB charger will show a green light, and the LED battery light will switch off.

How do I Turn the Battery on and off?

  • To turn the battery on, push the button in quick succession 5 times.
  • To turn the battery off click the button 5 times in quick succession again.
  • When the battery is on, the button’s LED light will be blue each time it is pushed.

What do the LED light colours mean?

  • The blue LED light means the voltage range is between 3.5 and 4.2 volts.
  • The Orange LED light indicates the voltage is less than 3.5 volts.

Which Atomiser Fits the Aspire CF Sub Ohm Battery?

The Aspire Atlantis Tank is also a sub ohm product, meaning you can have the biggest and best vape possible.

What do I Charge the Aspire CF Sub Ohm Battery with?

The Aspire CF Sub Ohm Battery is charged with a USB charging cable and a Vapour Days wall plug. Please ensure you only charge the battery on a plug and charging cable specifically designed for electronic cigarettes as they output the correct voltage. Do not charge in your phone charger.

Where Can I Buy the Aspire CF Sub Ohm Battery From?

You can buy the Aspire CF Sub Ohm Battery in the Vapour Days Bristol UK store on the Middle Floor of the Galleries Shopping Centre.

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