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Uwell Caliburn Pod Vape Starter Kit Review

Blue Caliburn Uwell Vape kit

Even though pod vaping only kicked off in 2015, it has become wildly popular since then, to the point that it spawned a whole new category of vaping devices. A huge number of vaping companies have jumped in, creating their own version of pod vapes. Getting ahead of the competition is tricky, though, because pod systems have such a basic, minimalist design that it takes creativity to make a standout product.

Uwell may have entered the game late when it comes to pod systems, but they shocked everyone when their first ever pod system rose to the top of the market. The Uwell Caliburn is considered by many to be the #1 pod system of 2019, and we think it’s a top-notch choice, whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced vaper.

About the Uwell Caliburn

The Uwell Caliburn has earned plenty of praise from vapers all over the world. Essentially, it’s a small, stick-like device with a 2 mL refillable pod on top. Its best asset is amazing flavour, thanks to Uwell’s special parallel coils. Users also love its longer battery life, nifty vapour production, and dual firing mechanism, which allows it to be activated either through a button or through your inhale. It’s more of a mouth-to-lung device with fixed airflow, and there’s a micro-USB port for quick-charging.

It’s the first ever pod vape by Uwell, which is better known for sub-ohm tanks. People didn’t really expect it to be exceptional, but Uwell shocked the vaping community by getting it right on the first try. The Uwell Caliburn is a solid performer while remaining inexpensive and user-friendly.

Grey Caliburn uwell vape kit

Uwell Caliburn Specs

  • Dimensions: 110 mm x 21.2 mm x 11.6 mm
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 2 mL
  • Coil Resistance: 1.2 to 1.4 ohms
  • Power: Maximum of 11 W
  • Battery Capacity: 520 mAH

What’s in the Uwell Caliburn Kit?

  • 1 x Uwell Caliburn device
  • 2 x Uwell Caliburn pods (2 mL)
  • 1 x Micro-USB cable
  • 1 x user instructions
  • 1 x gift box

Who Should Use the Uwell Caliburn?

Overall, anyone who’s interested in pod vaping can appreciate the Uwell Caliburn. If you want a refillable system that can work with nic salts or if you’re after potent flavour that doesn’t require too much fiddling around with settings, then you’ll love the Uwell Caliburn. Newbie vapers can also take this on as their first device because it’s so easy to use.

Advantages of the Uwell Caliburn

  • Among the top 1% of pod vapes in the market and even described as the best pod system of 2019
  • Consistently vivid flavour because of its special coils
  • Excellent vapour production for a pod system
  • Has a dual firing mechanism so you can activate it via a button or your inhale
  • Small and convenient to carry around
  • Longer battery life than most pod systems and fast charging
  • Beginner-friendly and easy to refill and maintain
  • Saves you money because you can just refill the pods instead of buying new ones after each round

Design and Build

The Uwell Caliburn has a clean, practical design.


It’s available in six colours: grey, black, blue, red, pink, and iris purple.


Similar to many other vaping devices, the Uwell Caliburn is made of aluminium. This is a widely used material because it’s durable and cool to the touch. The Uwell Caliburn has a solid feel to it while remaining light.


The Uwell Caliburn is somewhat like a cross between a vape pen and a pod vape. Although it’s still slender and portable, it’s a bit bigger than your average pod system, with a length of four inches. The reason for this is that it has upgraded features, including a more powerful battery.


Its pod has an e-liquid capacity of 2 mL, which is TPD-compliant. Since it only consumes a little e-liquid with each draw, it can get you through a whole day of vaping.


The pod is attached to the top of the Uwell Caliburn through a magnetic connection. You can quickly remove the pod and put it back after refilling. At the same time, when the pod is on top of the device, it remains securely fastened and doesn’t move around.

Uwell Caliburn Pod

You’ll notice that the top of the pod has a mouthpiece. This also serves as a detachable cover. Once you take it off, you gain access to the inside of the pod. There are three wide-fill ports inside that can fit different bottle tips for refilling.


The Uwell Caliburn’s coils are among its most crucial components. It differs sharply from other pod systems because of its coils, which have a parallel design and are more similar to coils in tanks or cartomisers.

In particular, the Uwell Caliburn uses Uwell’s special Pro-FOCS coils. These repeatedly circulate air inside the atomiser, resulting in powerful flavour and a delicious vape.

The coils are made of stainless steel with organic cotton wicking. Because of the parallel design, the two coils inside a Uwell Caliburn pod have their own airflow. This divides the heat across both, so the vapour is cooler and tastier.

Draw-Activated Mechanism

Another feature of the Uwell Caliburn that’s rare in vaping devices is its dual-activated firing mechanism. You can activate it either with your inhale or with a button on the front of the device.

For the button, just press it five times to turn the device on. On the other hand, draw activation gives you a more seamless vaping experience. The sensor is sensitive, so as soon as you breathe into the device, you can start vaping instantly.


The Uwell Caliburn only consumes a maximum of 11 W, so you can go far with the 520 mAH battery. For regular use, the device can last you the whole day as long as it’s fully charged. If you’re chain vaping, it’ll last for around four hours. In fact, you can do two to three refills before having to recharge. This is a much longer battery life compared to other systems, some of which last only half as long.

There’s a USB port at the bottom for charging. Getting the Uwell Caliburn’s battery from empty to fully charged is pretty fast, taking only around 40 minutes or less than an hour.

To see how much charge the Uwell Caliburn has left, you can look at the small LED light below the button. A green light means that it still has more than 60% power left. Blue means that it’s at 30 to 60%, while red warns you that you have to charge soon because it’s at under 30%.

Vaping Experience

Throat Hit

The airflow is moderate, hovering nicely between being restrictive and being loose, but it’s a little tighter than you’d expect from a pod vape. The Uwell Caliburn leans more towards being a mouth-to-lung device. Its throat hit is smooth, and you can enjoy a stronger kick by taking long draws.


Where the Uwell Caliburn really excels at is flavour. It’s one of the best that we’ve tried so far out of other pod systems. The parallel coils ensure that there’s suitable airflow, and each draw is warm and flavourful, with quality maintained all throughout.

Vapour Production

Aside from the flavour, vapour production is also enhanced by the Uwell Caliburn’s coils. Although the coils warm up quickly, the vapour stays at a cosy temperature.

On top of this, the battery supplies a maximum of 11 watts. Having two parallel coils is another advantage because there’s twice as much surface area for the coils to come into contact with the e-liquid. Taken together, these lead to thick vapour that’s way more than what regular pod systems can produce. The vapour production is even at par with that of larger atomisers!


What e-liquid do I use?

The Uwell Caliburn can handle all sorts of e-liquids, including high-VG e-liquids that are heavy on vapour. However, since it’s a pod system, it’s best suited for nic salts. It can still work with regular e-liquids, but the experience won’t be as satisfying because of the device’s low-wattage settings.

When do I refill?

No need for guessing! You can tell how e-liquid you have left by looking at the e-liquid windows at the sides of the Uwell Caliburn.

How do I refill?

The Uwell Caliburn has a top-fill system that’s very intuitive to refill. Simply remove the pod from the top of the device and pop off the mouthpiece to reveal the three wide-fill ports. Pour your e-liquid in. Let it stay for five minutes so the coils can be well-saturated with e-liquid, then reassemble the pod and put it back on top of the device.


While the Uwell Caliburn may look like your usual pod system at first glance because of the simple design, it’s definitely a customer favourite and one of the most highly rated in the market. Like most pod systems, it’s lightweight enough to fit into your pocket. But as small and affordable as it is, it packs a huge punch, giving you a flavourful vape that beats out the competition.

The flavour alone makes the Uwell Caliburn a worthwhile device to add to your collection. Still, it has many other benefits, such as slow consumption of e-liquid, fast charging, and a dual firing mechanism. The refillable pods can also last you a long time while being compatible with different types of e-liquids.

Users have come to love the Uwell Caliburn so much that many of them consider it a vaping essential. If you’re looking for your next pod system, then the Uwell Caliburn is trusted and reliable, with consistently strong performance.

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  1. nice review….my fav has been infinix from day one…and i have a ton of pods now…but this is going to the top of the pod-want-list!!!!! for sure!!

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