Uwell Caliburn Pod Vape Starter Kit Review

Blue Caliburn Uwell Vape kit

Even though pod vaping only kicked off in 2015, it has become wildly popular since then, to the point that it spawned a whole new category of vaping devices. A huge number of vaping companies have jumped in, creating their own version of pod vapes. Getting ahead of the competition is tricky, though, because pod systems have such a basic, minimalist design that it takes creativity to make a standout product.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Pod Vaping

pod vaping from Juul
Copyright: Juul

One of the most hard-hitting vaping innovations in recent years is pod vaping, which was made mainstream by the JUUL pod.

Before pod vaping, many vapers still couldn’t find a perfect fit despite the diversity of devices in the market. On one end, you have the vape pen, which is the cheapest and most basic. Predictably, this doesn’t result in the best vape, given its low power and battery life. But when you try to upgrade, you’re faced with more complex mods that can be confusing because of all their buttons and settings. Pod vapes comfortably fill in the gap, balancing ease of use and convenience with high quality.

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