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Ruthless Ez Duz It on Ice E-Liquid Review

Ez Duz It e-liquid

Ez Duz It on Ice by Ruthless Vapour is one of the most sought-after fruity e-liquids in the vaping world. It’s intensely flavourful, blending sweet strawberry with refreshing watermelon and added menthol. You’ll feel like you’re on a tropical island, relaxing with a fresh fruit smoothie on hand. Each inhale brings the taste of strawberries, and when you exhale, you’ll be swept away by the coolness of watermelon. This is a delectable fruit combination that rewards with really vibrant pops of flavour.

Exquisite Flavour and Huge Clouds

Aside from the flavour, here’s some good news for cloud-chasers: Ez Duz It can chuck out huge clouds, thanks to its 90 VG concentration. With Ez Duz It on Ice, Ruthless Vapour has somehow managed to preserve strong flavour while amping up cloud production. Not a lot of high-VG e-liquids can accomplish this, which is why we’re all wondering what Ruthless Vapour’s ingenious recipe is! 

Ez Duz It on Ice also has a smooth throat hit, and it’s very pleasant to vape. Use this e-liquid with setups that have high power and low resistance, such as sub-ohm tanks, RDAs, and RTAs. 

How It Came to Be

We’ll never know the exact recipe, but at least we know how Ez Duz It on Ice came about. As the story goes, Ruthless Vapour was on the hunt for inspiration while crafting Ez Duz It on Ice. They’re known for being perfectionists with their e-liquids, so they actually went to rural watermelon patches. There turned out to be strawberry patches close by, too. After tasting these fruits straight from the source, it became their basis for an authentic blend. The result is an e-liquid that bursts with summer flavours while quenching your fruit cravings.

The Company Behind It

This is right in line with Ruthless Vapour’s other blends, which are well-loved for their amazing flavour. Based in Southern California, Ruthless Vapour is a top brand specialising in sweet e-liquids, which go through several rounds of testing and quality control. The result? Their e-liquids are bestsellers and they’ve knocked it out of the park again with Ez Duz It on Ice. Fruit heaven! 

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