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Top Tips to Take Care of Your Electronic Cigarette

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Top Tips to Take Care of Your Electronic Cigarette

The aim now you have your new electronic cigarette is to keep it safe and usable. Different experiences of UK electronic cigarette users are outlined below with solutions to help you keep your electronic cigarettes in good condition.

Why does my atomiser bubble when I vape and how to stop it bubbling?

The nature of electronic cigarettes is to turn e liquid into vapour so that you can inhale it. When heated by the atomiser’s coil, this liquid produces condensation much like a bathroom shower. The condensation will build up inside the inner tube and requires occasional cleaning. To clean your vaporiser you can place a tissue over the tip and simply flick the atomiser by swinging your arm. Make sure to keep hold of the atomiser to prevent it dropping on the floor. You could alternatively place a tissue on the bottom end of the atomiser (where the battery usually connects) and blow through the tip of the atomiser to force the liquid through the tube. Continue with either of these techniques until liquid stops forming on the tissue.


Why does my charger no longer work?

Similar to the above question, condensation will build up around the connector for your battery and the charger. A quick clean, by pushing a tissue gently inside the battery and charging cable connectors, should remove this condensation and enable the charger to work.


I keep losing my electronic cigarette on a UK night out! Help!

This is an unfortunate scenario but there are options for the next electronic cigarette you buy. You could also buy a pouch or ring lanyard to attach your electronic cigarette to your body. You could alternatively buy a spare vaporiser to see you through a night out so if you were to lose it, it would be cheaper to replace. Suggestions are the Vapour Days Replaceable Tip Cigarette or the basic 650mAH starter kit.


The atomiser has bent and no longer fits onto the battery. How can I fix this?

Some people knock their electronic cigarette and it appears that the atomiser has broken. There is a possibility that it is not broken. Part of some atomisers’ design means that rather than breaking, they may pop out of place. To fix this they can be popped back into place by pushing the base of the atomiser (where it usually connects to the battery) onto a hard surface and pushing it back into place. A top tip to prevent you popping the atomiser out in the future is to keep the electronic cigarette securely in its case or use a pouch/ring lanyard to keep the electronic cigarette safe.


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