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BDC Atomiser With Changeable Coil – Review

What Are the Key Benefits of the BDC Atomiser with Changeable Coil?

  • The coils are replaceable so when the wick burns out it becomes more economical to simply replace the coil rather than the whole atomiser.
  • Is a cheap option to introduce you to the world of vaping.
  • Can improve the taste of your liquid compared to a disposable atomiser since it is a bottom dual coil.

Who the BDC Atomiser with Changeable Coil Will Suit?

  • Vapers who want a basic atomiser with the option to change the coils, making the atomisers economical.
  • Those who want a vaporiser on a tight budget.
  • Those who want an upgrade on their disposable atomiser.

How Long Will the Coils in the BDC Atomiser with Changeable Coil Last?

The coils inside the BDC atomisers will eventually burn out, like all electronic cigarette coils. The frequency you will have to replace the atomiser’s coil depends on a variety of factors, and in particular how much you use your electronic cigarette. For an average vaper, the atomiser may last approximately 4-6 weeks.

Which Coils Go Inside the BDC Atomiser?

When you need to replace your atomiser’s coil, the bottom dual coils fit inside these atomisers. These are found on the following link.

How Do I Know When the Coil Needs Replacing?

The simple answer is ‘you will just know’. The flavour of your e-liquid may not taste as nice, or you will receive less vapour from your electronic cigarette, or you may feel unsatisfied with it. This means it is time to replace the coil.

Which Battery Can I Use with the BDC Atomiser with Changeable Coil?

Because the BDC atomiser fits 510 thread batteries, it will fit on the majority of batteries available at Vapour Days. A popular combination for the BDC Atomiser is the eGo 650mAH battery for a small electronic cigarette device, or the Vapour Days 1100mAH variable voltage battery, for a longer lasting e-cigarette.

Where Can I Buy the BDC Atomiser with Changeable Coil From?

You can buy the BDC Atomiser in the Vapour Days Bristol UK store on the Middle Floor of the Galleries Shopping Centre. Alternatively, you can buy online for delivery to the UK or Europe by following the link below.

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