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Which Starter E Cig Kit Is Best For Me?

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Which Starter E Cig Kit Is Best For Me?

If you are new to vaping then which kit you go for is essential to get right in order to get the most out of your vaping experience. The below article will help you discover the best kit to suit your needs.

Firstly you need to decide what your purpose for vaping is. Some people are determined to stop smoking altogether to save money or improve their health, or even because a loved one wants them to stop (see point 1 below). Whereas other people wish to continue smoking but want to vape as well, to get a wider variety of flavours or so that when they need to be more discrete they do not have to reveal that they are a smoker, for example when at an important job interview or meeting the in-laws (see point 2 below). And a third group of people want to vape for fun with friends, but are not too worried about whether they also stop smoking altogether or not (see point 3 below).

I Want to Stop Smoking Altogether

If you want to stop smoking completely, that determination is what will help you succeed at stopping smoking. The next thing to help is getting the right kit to suit your needs. Vapour Days would always recommend starting with what’s known as a ‘mouth-to-lung’ kit. This means that the kit more closely replicates a cigarette in terms of the amount of vapour produced. With these kits, you are also able to use a higher nicotine strength initially to help meet your nicotine needs. There are several great kits at reasonable budgets to give you what you need. Not all kits are of the same quality and cheaper kits will not necessarily offer you the same chance of stopping smoking than a slightly more expensive kit. Equally it is not necessarily the case that the most expensive kit will be best for you either, as sometimes the additional features you get with an expensive kit may not be necessary for your needs.

I smoke less than 10 cigarettes per day & want to stop smoking

If you smoke less than 10 cigarettes per day and are determined to stop smoking, one of the following kits are a good place to start. The Aspire K3 kits use one of the best coils in the industry for mouth-to-lung vaping, boosting your e liquid flavours and improving the quality of your vape. The Vaporesso XROS Mini pod kit is best for people who want an easy-to-operate device as it is top-fill not bottom-fill.

I smoke more than 10 cigarettes per day & want to stop smoking

If you smoke more than 10 cigarettes per day then the kit you choose may be key to how successful you are in quitting smoking. It is more important to choose a high-quality kit, with a longer lasting battery with a warning screen to show you how much charge you have left, and a good-quality tank to improve the vape that you get out of each drag on your kit. These kits appear to cost a little more than basic starter kits, but you will significantly improve your chance of stopping smoking which will earn you back this investment in no time.

The best battery to start with is something like the Aspire Zelos 3 mod battery, which has a passthrough on so you can continue to vape while you charge it, has a display screen so you can check how much charge you have left and adjust the amount of vapour you receive, and it is great quality overall. This mod then needs a tank to put the liquid in, and the best one on the market for many years has been the Aspire Nautilus 3 tank, which boosts the taste of your liquid, gives you a stronger hit than cheap vape devices, and is also great quality.

I Just Want a Temporary Kit to Save Me from an Awkward Situation

If you just want a temporary and cheap kit to see you through a situation where you do not want to look like a smoker, then any of the following are good to tie you over. The Chubbi Chodez reusable-disposable is great value but also simplest to use as you do not need to push any buttons in order to vape, you literally draw on it like a cigarette.

I want to Have Fun with Vaping But am Not Fussed About Stopping Smoking Too

In terms of having fun with vaping, this tends to mean you want to blow large clouds of vapour. If this is the case, then a sub kit is more suitable for you. A phenomenally popular starter sub-ohm vape kit is the SMOK R-Kiss Kit, which has taken the vape world by storm. These kits do burn through much more liquid than a mouth-to-lung kit because they produce such large clouds, but if your intention is for clouds and flavours rather than necessarily stopping smoking then this is an ideal choice.

I Still Need Help

If you want more advice on which e-cigarette kit is best for you, please come into the Bristol Vapour Days shop on the Middle Floor of The Galleries, Bristol Shopping Centre, BS1 3XD. We are always happy to help find the right kit for you.

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