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Quit Smoking for Vaping – Benefits on the Body

Benefits of Vaping - Vapour Days Electronic Cigarettes

Quit Smoking for Vaping – Benefits on the Body

Studies in the UK and worldwide have been undertaken at a high rate on the impact of vaping on the human body. The findings are very positive, finding health benefits across all different parts of the body.


Electronic cigarettes and passive vaping do not cause any acute respiratory harm.


A study of 20 different e-liquids brands discovered that there was no impact of vaping on the cardiac cells.

Vaping also has been found to have no effect on the aorta and does not stiffen arteries.

Addiction to Smoking

It has been found that electronic cigarettes effectively help people quit smoking. It also was found that those who had quit the habit were prevented from relapsing onto smoking when using electronic cigarettes.

General Circulation

Vaping does not effect the general circulatory system.

Overall Health

A UK university study found that 91% of smokers who quit cigarettes for vaping had improved overall health.

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