Echo VV Pass Through – Electronic Cigarette Vaporiser

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  • Accessories: Variable Voltage Passthrough
  • Unique Features: Different Colours Signal Different Volts
  • SALE: £4.99


This e-cigarette Echo Variable Voltage pass through battery enables you to vape at your laptop/computer without requiring a battery.

Simply screw your atomiser onto the pass through and you are ready to vape. This is ideal for those of you who work at a desk or spend the evening in front of your computer. While you are charging your electronic cigarette battery, you can continue vaping with this variable voltage pass through.

This is also a great value gift for your family and friends who are already vapers.

The variable voltage allows you to adjust the amount of vapour you receive, with the following colours indicating the amount of voltage passed through:

  • Blue – 3.0 volts;
  • Pink – 3.6 volts;
  • Red – 4.2 volts;
  • Green – 4.8 volts.

Delivery to the UK and Europe

When you buy an Echo Variable Voltage Passthrough from Vapour Days UK your item will be dispatched to you from the UK on the same or next working day. Delivery is available to addresses in the UK and Europe.

Further Information

If you need further information on this vaporiser such as what are the key benefits of this pass-through battery, have a read of the Vapour Days UK product review on the following link


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