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Vandy Vape Swell Kit Review

Blue Iguana Vandyvape Sewell

Following the success of their AP and Jackaroo kits, Vandy Vape has released its Swell Kit in collaboration with Tony B. It’s easy to use, lightweight, and packed with nifty features that will make any tech geek happy.

The Swell Box Mod and the Swell Tank are the main components of the kit. It can store up to 4.5 mL of vape juice when using the bubble glass while (running on dual 18650 batteries. Aside from tons of colourful designs to choose from, you can customise the mod from your phone. Protection is at an all-time high here too, from the waterproof mod to anti-loss mobile notifications, so this is a kit that’s perfect for your everyday vaping.

Brown Alligator Snapper Vandyvape Swell
Brown Alligator Snapper Vandyvape Swell

What are the key benefits?

  • Enjoy strong vapour production and consistent performance
  • Personalise your mod with 10 different designs
  • Conveniently program the settings and upgrade the firmware with a mobile app 
  • Avoid loss and theft through notifications and Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Perform thorough cleaning with water, hassle-free

What’s in the kit? 

  • Swell Box Mod
  • Swell Tank
  • 2 Mesh Coils (0.15-ohm single & 0.15-ohm triple)
  • Spare Glass
  • USB Cable
  • User Guide
  • Warranty Card
  • Accessory Bag 

Swell Box Mod

Despite being a box mod, the Swell Mod feels extremely light at 106 grams. It’s rectangular with curved corners, and it’s comfortable to hold.

You have 12 gorgeous colour options for the panels. All of these come with black frames and a matching drip tip. Seven are made of ultra-sturdy G10, while the other 5 are made of resin. The panels are magnetic, so they’re easily removable and replaceable. 

Swell Tank

If this sub-ohm tank is familiar, that’s because it’s also found in the Jackaroo and Trident kits, with the same coils. The kit contains a standard 3.5-mL standard glass and a larger 5-mL bubble glass.


The kit has two 0.15-ohm coils: a single-mesh coil that’s meant for 50-90 watts, and a speciality triple mesh coil for 50-100 watts. Both of these coils produce a lot of vapour.


The Swell Kit runs on a dual-18650 battery setup. Batteries aren’t included in the kit, so these are bought separately. Replacing batteries is a breeze because you just have to remove the magnetic panels and push the batteries out.

Special Features


You won’t run into any problems cleaning this with water! Just remove the battery, and the mod should be good to go after some drying. It’ll also survive day-to-day accidents like juice spills. 


The mod has a screen menu where you can edit and update settings. Its modes are power mode, voltage mode, bypass mode, and temperature control mode for Ni200 nickel, titanium, and stainless steel. 

Phone Syncing

What’s nifty about the Swell Kit is that you can sync it with your phone using the Vandy Vape app. So far, it’s only available for Android, but Vandy Vape is working on an Apple iOS version.

Aside from the mod’s built-in screen menu, you can use your phone to program your device and adjust settings such as watts, power, and voltage. Impressively, the device syncs right away. You can also update your mod’s firmware through the app. 


With anti-loss enabled on your app, you’ll receive phone notifications if your mod goes out of range. On the other hand, for when you can’t find your mod, the app has a button that you can press to make your mod beep.


The Swell Kit gives you a small, lightweight setup that you can easily bring around everywhere. It’s reliable and long-lasting, with geeky features that are fun to play around with. You can vape with it day after day, and many vapers already consider it an essential part of their collection.

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