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Element & Element Dripper Liquid Review

Vapour Days UK review the award winning Element e-liquids below.

What Are the Key Benefits of the Element E Liquids?

  • Like all Vapour Days e-liquids, Element are compliant with EC regulations, ensuring you receive the best quality liquids on the market.
  • The higher than average PG : VG ratio gives the e-liquid flavours a smooth taste.
  • The liquids contain differing strengths of nicotine allowing you to slowly reduce the amount of nicotine you vape.
  • The Element E-Liquids were voted the Best e-liquids in the UK at Vapejam 2015.

What Strength E-Liquid Should I Buy?

  • If you currently smoke 20 cigarettes per day, the majority of people will choose an 18mg nicotine to start with. Adjust the level of nicotine depending on whether you smoke more or less than 20 per day. Someone on 5 cigarettes per day would probably choose a 6mg nicotine strength.
  • 6 mg – Low volume smoker, less than half a pack per day.
  • 12 mg – Average smoker, between half and full pack a day.
  • 18 mg – High volume smoker, more than a pack per day.
  • Dripper -suitable for RDA (rebuildable dripping atomiser) tanks and selective RBA (rebuildable atomiser) sub ohm tanks.

What is the Difference Between the Dripper Series and the 10ml Element E-Liquids?

  • The Dripper Element Series are 20ml Bottles of E-Liquid suitable for RDA (rebuildable dripping atomiser) tanks and selective RBA (rebuildable atomiser) sub ohm tanks.
  • The Dripper Element Series have only 3mg of nicotine suitable for vapers using dripper cloud tanks.
  • The Dripper Element Series also contain a higher amount of vegetable glycerin (VG) with 80% compared to the 10ml Element E-Liquids which contain 50% VG and 50% PG.

Where are the Element E-Liquids Manufactured?

Element E-Liquids are manufactured in the USA.

Why Are Element E-Liquid Flavours So Popular?

Element E-Liquids from Vapour Days are proving to be a popular choice because they have organic properties creating superb flavoured e-liquids. The PG : VG ratio gives the e-liquid a smooth vape.

Where Can I Buy Vapour Days Liquids?

You can try the Element e liquids in the Vapour Days Bristol UK store for free before deciding which to buy. To find the Bristol store come to the middle floor of the Galleries Shopping Centre. You can also buy them online for delivery to the UK from the following link.

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