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Cherub TPD Compliant E Liquids

Cherub TPD e liquid

Cherub TPD COMPLIANT E Liquids

Vapour Days UK review the new TPD compliant Cherub range of e liquids which have 50% VG : 50% PG and therefore can be used in all electronic cigarette devices.

What Does TPD Compliant E-Liquid Mean?
  • The Tobacco Products Directive (‘TPD’) are new regulations issued by the UK Government requiring e liquids to meet certain standards of quality and testing.
  • Upon completion of the testing and production of e-liquids, a notification is issued to the UK Government and a TPD compliant ECID number is provided to the manufacturer to verify compliance.
  • This means you can trust that the e-liquid you are vaping is of the best quality and manufactured to the highest standards.
  • These regulations will be enforced from May 2017, but Vapour Days already have some TPD compliant flavours early, so why not give them a try and feel safe in the knowledge that you know what you are vaping!
Where are Cherub E-Liquids Manufactured?

Cherub E-Liquids are manufactured in the UK in ISO certified clean rooms and are TPD compliant, meaning every ingredient and emission has been notified to the UK government and toxicologically assessed.

Where Can I Buy Cherub E Liquids?

You can try the Cherub TPD compliant e liquids in the Vapour Days Bristol UK store for free before deciding which to buy. To find the Bristol store come to the middle floor of the Galleries Shopping Centre in Bristol, and Vapour Days is opposite Waterstones. You can also buy Cherub e-liquid online for delivery to the UK.

Which Electronic Cigarette Kits are Cherub Liquids Compatible With?

The vegetable glycerin VG content is 50% and propylene glycol PG content is 50% and therefore the Cherub TPD compliant e liquids are suitable for both basic electronic cigarette devices through to advanced devices.

Can I Buy Cherub TPD E-Liquid Wholesale?

If you own a store or want Cherub e liquids to be sold in your local vape shop, please email Vapour Days for any wholesale enquiries at

2 thoughts on “Cherub TPD Compliant E Liquids

  1. Red apple is my fave juice of all time, 5* Cherub and Vapour Days 😀

  2. This Cherub brands of juices is by far the best I have tried before. The quality of the ingredients is not comparable. My all time favourite flavour is strawberry peanut butter. Literally,no e juice coule ever beat that one!

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